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Living #MyIdeal – Why Cru Eaton Loves Motocross


At 10 years old, Cru was hooked on motocross — he got his first motorcycle and started riding circuits. By age 12, he was racing.

Why motocross? Because the adrenaline is “unlike anything else,” he says. It clears the mind and keeps the heart rate up. It also keeps Cru at his ideal shape, because to do it, you have to be fit.

When Cru’s dad was seriously injured in a motocross accident, he hit the track even harder. Pushing through jumps and ruts are what helped him work through the pain until his father was released from the hospital.

Cru’s ultimate advice: don’t let fear stop you from doing what you love. “Don’t worry about what people think,” he says. To see how he stays fearless and focused on his #ideal, check out his video below:

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