#MyIdeal Success Stories

Living #myideal – Darcie Warren’s Taking CrossFit by Storm


Darcie Warren is a:

Regional Athlete,

CrossFit trainer,

Mother of 6!

Growing up, she tried many different sports but never considered herself “good” at any of them. After having her sixth child, one of her running friends invited her to work out at CrossFit Hyperion. From the moment Darcie started, she was hooked. She quickly became certified and started competing.

Since then, Darcie has taken the CrossFit stage by storm. She’s been featured on major CrossFit’s page’s such as here Darci’s Article and This Article

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She’ll be competing in the 2014 Reebok Southwest CrossFit Regionals this year. Not only is she competing with girls 10 years younger than her, but she’s also fairly new to the sport.



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