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Living #MyIdeal – How Mary Crafts Homer Created Her Ideal Business & Ideal Body


Mary Crafts Homer is devoted to running the #ideal catering and event planning business. She’s been giving it her all for nearly three decades and has grown Culinary Crafts to be the biggest catering company in the state of Utah.

Mary loves every minute of her business — coming to work, being hands-on and getting involved in “maybe too much of it.” With a smirk, she says she’s finally decided “this is what I want to do when I grow up.”

But while pouring herself into her passion over the years, Mary didn’t feel like she was at her own ideal. When she reached 250 pounds, she stopped recognizing herself in the mirror. Fast-forward to today and meet the new Mary: she’s still a “crazy busy woman” but has used IdealShape products to lose 90 pounds and keep it off.

Watch Mary’s video to find out how she gave herself a nutrition makeover and is rocking her #ideal business and her #ideal body… at age 60!

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Chelsea Ratcliff

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