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Lose Weight Fast by Loving What You Eat

02J28694People tend to use exercise as justification for poor eating habits, “I went running today so I can have these cookies…” The truth is, you can’t cancel out your chow-downs with a quick jog around the block, or even a long jog for that matter. And it doesn’t make much sense to put effort into physical fitness without putting the same amount of effort into nutrition, too. Just imagine how much faster you’d reach your goals by eating right AND working out!

It may seem like a monumental task, but here’s the good news: There’s a simple way to lose weight fast while loving what you eat. Eat with deliberation.

How will this help you lose weight faster? It may sound pretty strange and maybe even a little too simple. But when you tune your mind into the eating experience, you’re able to practice these four figure-savers:

1. Knowing When You’re Full

How many times have you been eating and before you know it you feel like your stomach is about to burst? Too often we miss the feeling that our body sends us of being satisfied because we are too busy stuffing our faces. By eating conscientiously and listening to your body, you can recognize when you’re full, instead of recognizing when you’ve overeaten. Understand, too, that it’s OK to be full: maybe you’ll order an appetizer while your friends order entrees. Maybe you’ll grab a to-go box, or try mom’s chicken cordon bleu next time.

If you just happen to be hungry all the time, weight loss support supplements like ResveraShape will help you feel satiated quicker. ResveraShape also corrects your metabolism, so you can better absorb the nutrients you are eating. Walk away from the table perfectly satisfied and one step closer to your IdealShape!

2. Knowing When You’ve Met Your Caloric Need

Salt, sugar, saturated fat, trans fat, calories…they’re everywhere, and they add up fast. By keeping a mental (or written) tally of what you consume each day, you can enjoy culinary pleasures while keeping your intake in perspective. For example, you might say, “I had a cookie with lunch, so I’m going to skip after-dinner dessert.”

This awareness of what you’re eating frees you up to enjoy the treat you really want, while easily passing on those you don’t. (Without paying attention, there’s a good chance you’ll pick ALL the treats.)

The IdealShape Weight Loss Shake with Slendesta Potato Extract curbs hunger naturally while staying low in calories, so it’s a great way to put your caloric intake in check. It fills you up with naturally-filling ingredients, and at the same time helps your stomach send that message to your brain that you’re full. Your IdealShape is right around the corner!

3. Knowing When You’re Eating Unhealthy Foods

Sometimes, just thinking about what you’re eating is the trick to enjoying healthy food and dropping the junk like a bad habit. We all know that fast food isn’t good for us (a guilty pleasure, right?)—but how often do you pause to consider just how bad it is? How often do you stop and think, This isn’t really “food” at all?

When you do, it’ll take the pleasure right out of it. Today, reports Yahoo! Health, the burgers and fries we sneak aren’t merely over-salted and soaked in fry sauce; they’re “designed and perfected in labs.” We’re only being tricked into tasting the beef and potato flavors we know and love. (Got 30 seconds and a pestering penchant for chicken nuggets? Read more about the ugly truth about fast food.)

Now that you’ve nixed your fondness for fast food, you’ll be able to appreciate the true integrity of healthy food: the natural colors, flavors and wonderful health benefits nature wanted us to have, rather than the mysterious chemicals the fast food industry wants us to obliviously consume.

And once you fill your diet with the right foods, you’ll fall head-over-heels for how great you feel. You’ll realize unhealthy food makes you feel like crap (and tastes funny, too), and you’ll happily steer clear, making huge strides toward your IdealShape.

4. Knowing When You’re Eating Miserably

Want to not enjoy your food—and gain weight anyway? Then eat on “autopilot,” and eat even when you don’t want to.

Next time you dive an eager fist into a bag of chips, think about this: it’s a lot more fun to enjoy a handful of chips, than to not enjoy an entire bag. Spend time savoring a few, and you won’t devour all ten servings in one sitting without thinking about it.

Just like moving food mechanically into your mouth is always a letdown, eating guiltily offers little reward. Again: savor a few delicious spoonfuls of ice cream, or tearfully down a large bowl? Your choice.

In eating, as in life, we will always crave what we can’t have. Depriving yourself of a food item is a great way to hate eating it while eating it anyway. When was the last time you resolved to cut Oreos 100% out of your diet? And what happened? That’s what we’re talking about.

Instead of cutting yourself off cold turkey, allow small calorific treats. When you give in a little, you’ll not only enjoy the food more (and eat really, really slowly to make it last as long as possible), but you’ll avoid a power struggle with temptation.

Start Loving Food Today

See, we’re not asking you to break up with good food to lose weight. We want you to strengthen your relationship with it! Spend some quality time with your meals. Reflect on what you’re eating. Enjoy it. Keep a list of all the delightful food you eat, and think about how it’s slimming you down.

It doesn’t matter what stage of weight loss you’re at; it’s never too late so start making positive eating choices. Maybe you’ll start small. Maybe you’ll single-handedly topple the fast food industry in one fell swoop. Either way, start today and your rewards will take shape faster than you can believe.

Need a little push in the right direction? Try the amazing Mastering the Mind weight loss hypnotherapy series, and help yourself make positive food choices easily.

We all have a culinary soft spot… but what one positive food choice has made a world of difference in your weight loss goals?



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