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A Simple Trick to Make Healthy Food Taste Better

choppingHow can you make healthy food taste better? You might be a savant in the kitchen when it comes to prepping food, but did you know that sometimes things just taste better because of the “how” we eat it?  Harvard researchers have discovered a link between the ritual we perform before eating and the level of enjoyment we get from the food.

When given a chocolate bar, participants who were asked to unwrap only half the bar and break it into smaller pieces before consuming the same chocolate bar rated the same piece of chocolate as more flavorful and valuable than those who had not.

Now chocolate isn’t exactly healthy, so what happens when it’s done with something that is considered less desirable like, a carrot?

Turns out the rituals can be just as important, but there’s one big caveat:

You have to be the one performing the ritual. Stirring your lemonade before consumption makes it taste better to you. When someone standing right in front of you stirs it, then hands it to you, that same ritual loses its effect.

The ritual can range from making the food yourself, buying carrots that need to be washed/peeled before consumption, or it can even be something as simple as saying grace before dinner.

When you incorporate your mind into the food before consumption the body is much more engaged. And that makes a lot of sense. To me, premade salads (or even ones hand made by friends) never taste as good as when I chop and wash the vegetables myself.

So when it comes to eating healthier, try to engage your mind more into what you’re doing and you’ll find that the experience is enhanced. For more information on how to engage your mind into creating a healthier lifestyle, be sure to grab a free copy of our Diet Chaos download.

By Randy Gustman

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