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Mango Pomegranate Spritzer

Ever want to go out but don’t have the energy to? It can be so hard to always be on the go and still squeeze a little fun into the mix! With work, kids, and other obligations finding balance can be difficult. But don’t worry our IdealBoost is a great way to find a little extra energy in your day.

This Mango Pomegranate Spritzer is the best way to get pumped for a fun night out. With a little help from our Green Tea Mango Idealboost, it’s got 80 mg of caffeine to give you the energy you need! Not to mention it tastes amazing and it won’t give you the jitters that come with other energy drinks. Get this recipe below and grab a box of our IdealBoost here.


1 Green Tea Mango IdealBoost
1 3/4 cup of sparkling water
1/4 cup pomegranate Kombucha



  1. Thoroughly mix all ingredients together. Enjoy!


Calories: 20. Protein: 0g. Net Carbs: 5. Fat: 0.

This mocktail recipe is so easy and so delicious! We hope it helps you get through your day and have a little fun. Our IdealBoost helps you have more energy and focus throughout your day, and it curbs hunger for up to 3 hrs. To get started, grab a tub of our Green Tea Mango IdealBoost by clicking the banner below!

Christine Sanelli

Christine Sanelli

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