Mark Theis

Mark was in excellent shape when he was young, but after the birth of his first son he gained 82 pounds. “I think they call that sympathy weight,” he jokes. “I have no excuse for getting fat. I just got lazy, loved to eat, and slowly packed it on.”

Over the years, Mark kept the weight on. “But I thought I was healthy. I didn’t see myself as being that big,” he says.

That is, until one day, when his doctor gave him a wake-up call. At 5’9″, he was almost 300 pounds and his blood pressure was through the roof. His first move was to quit smoking, which unfortunately caused him to gain even more weight.

“I was having a hard time just walking down the driveway,” he says. “So that’s when I decided I needed to do something.”

That was in 2013, and today Mark is down 86 pounds and counting! His journey started with IdealShake, replacing two meals a day with a shake, as well as keeping his eye on his carb intake. (As a side note, most people get too many of their calories from carbs and it’s a big culprit in weight gain.)

As the pounds started to come off with his diet changes, Mark found it easier to exercise. He began walking every day, and pretty soon that turned into running — which soon turned into running 5Ks and Warrior Dashes with his family!

We loved meeting Mark at the Ship Shape winner retreat in Park City, Utah, this past September. At 52, he says he feels better than he has in 30 years. How did he achieve a complete transformation in less than two years? Watch his very honest three-minute #MyIdeal video for the answer!

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andy haigh

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