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Mastering the Mind Through Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Mastering the MindTM

hypnosis mindDiscover the secret to fail-proof weight loss!

If you’re like many who are trying to lose weight, this is probably a familiar scenario: you’ve just gone out and bought a new wardrobe to celebrate dropping three clothing sizes, and before you can even enjoy it, you find yourself right back where you started. Well, don’t head back to the drawing board just yet. We’ve pinpointed the real source of most people’s weight loss woes.

“Nutrition and fitness are the keys to dropping excess weight, so why do my diets and exercise routines ultimately fail?” We hear this a lot. And while there are many factors in successful weight loss, there is only one that lays the groundwork for your entire program. And it is all too often neglected in weight loss programs.

That factor is mindset.

Without the right frame of mind, it’s going to be hard—no, will be impossible—to lose weight for good. Guilt, procrastination, indulgence, distraction and lack of confidence will always be there to block the door to your IdealShape. The good news is that your mind can be the driving force for success. You just need to reprogram it to work toward, instead of against, your weight loss goals. Master your mind, and your weight loss journey will be smooth sailing.

Change Your Mind, Take Charge of Your Body

Changing your mindset may sound simple, but anyone who has conquered mental hurdles on their weight loss journey will tell you this: it’s tougher than it sounds. It is our deep-rooted habits and feelings at the helm, and they can be hard to recognize, let alone change.


In his weight loss blog,, Ryan Sullivan shares his experience: “You want so badly to conquer this obstacle that has been tormenting you for so long, but at the same time you can’t seem to let go of old comforts.” Once he was able to extinguish old habits, Ryan was on track for success. He has lost an amazing 90 pounds in just five months.

Recognizing that Mastering your Mind can be difficult to do alone, we have tapped into the incredible power of hypnotherapy. The IdealShapeTM Mastering the Mind CD Series uses hypnotic suggestion and guided imagery to strengthen and condition the mind. Does it really work? Yes! Hypnotherapy is actually the preferred method of talk therapy because it bypasses the conscious level of awareness. You will be able to correct the forces that sabotage your weight loss at the subconscious level, where they are the most powerful.

Pairing hypnotherapy with a visual cue like our wrist band is extremely effective. Every time you see or touch the IdealShape wrist band, it sends a signal to both your conscious and subconscious minds to stay focused on your goals. You’ll retrain your brain for permanent success in no time.

Mastering the Mind Creates Lasting Change

“You only get one body,” says fitness coach Mike Boyle. “No returns or trade-ins.” So invest in it! Mike urges his weight loss clients to take care of their bodies and make healthy choices today—before it’s too late. Mastering the Mind will help you adopt this frame of mind. Sure, you could use a gym or personal trainer to enforce your weight loss program. But you’ll lapse back into old habits when you’re at home. You need to learn to be your own personal trainer and lose weight for you!

As soon as you have clear weight loss goals, and treat your body well because you love it, you will have forged a straight path to rapid, lasting weight loss.

Just 20 minutes a day for 30 days is all you need to reset your mind. Scientists have revealed that our thoughts are so powerful, we can create permanent, physical changes to our brain. That means once you change your mindset, you won’t need to worry about old habits creeping up; they’ll be gone, replaced by healthy ones! All of this is possible after just four weeks with Mastering the Mind as your guide.

Make mindset your greatest tool on your weight loss journey. Now you can achieve focus, eliminate obstacles, and gear your mind for physical fitness with just one right move. We can’t wait to hear how Mastering the MindTM is working for you!

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