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Modern Dieting is Doomed to Fail (and Only You Can Change This!)

Modern Dieting Fails

Have you or someone you’re close to tried a diet only to get discouraged and fail to lose weight? If so, you’re not alone: most diets fail to keep the weight off long-term, and a significant percentage barely result in weight loss at all.

What’s more: This isn’t your fault. You haven’t failed. Your diet has failed you.

Diets certainly work well for the industry that sells them to us. Back in 2003, a BBC News article reported that “The diet business has never been in better shape—unlike many of its customers.” Unsurprisingly, not much has changed over the past decade. We’re still being sold gimmicky diets, we’re still falling for them, and we’re still failing to gain control of our weight and our health.

“Crash” diets, where you drastically reduce calories for rapid weight loss, are still popular. They’re also unhealthy and almost always result in all of the weight being gained back. Starving yourself is not a sustainable diet option! When you finish your crash diet, your body is desperate for calories and will store them away as fat in case it gets starved again in the future.

Fad diets, like “the lemonade diet,” all kinds of tea and juice cleanses, and “the raw food diet” seem appealing because they offer brand-new ways of eating or drinking that promise to change our lives. But like crash diets, they’re not sustainable! You can’t live on juice alone for long, and most people eventually tire of diets like raw foods because they are so restrictive. Again, the weight comes right back when we go back to our “normal” diets.

It seems that the odds are against those of us who seek to reach and maintain a healthy weight.

These modern diets don’t work because of a concept I like to call “diet chaos.” Standard diet programs lead to a state of confusion for your body and mind. Your stress level will build amidst this confusion, and ultimately your body will rebel and return right back to its original state. Sound familiar? It does to me; I see it happen all the time to all sorts of people.

Soon after embarking on a new diet, they’re back at ground zero again, their self-esteem has taken a huge hit, they’re more frustrated than they’ve ever been, and they’re very reluctant to try to get back on track.

Whether you achieve a couple of weeks of success or even a few months of success, you will always be pushed to a physical or mental threshold that leads to “breaking” your diet, and the discouragement cycle will begin all over again.

Dieting as we know it, and the mindset behind it, are flawed.

But we do have the ability to compensate and correct to achieve our full health potential!

It’s time to take charge of your own dieting strategy. We created our IdealPlan to help you do just that.

Here’s why most diets won’t serve you well:

  1. They often deprive you of essential nutrients that your body needs.
  2. They don’t teach you anything about long-term healthy living and eating.
  3. They are the cause of many diet-binge and diet-overeat cycles, which end up slowing down your metabolism.
  4. They can be unduly expensive and then they end up not working anyway.
  5. They take the pleasure out of eating and out of living!

It should be no secret that our modern idea of dieting doesn’t work, because the mindset behind dieting is so flawed. Losing and maintaining weight in a meaningful, healthy way requires a lifestyle change, not just a temporary forced fix.

Before you even think about another diet, especially those peddled by trusted public figures who are paid to sell them, take a look at IdealPlan.

Here’s why IdealPlan is different:

  1. It’s complete. You get all the nutrients you need in a healthy, balanced diet.
  2. It’s sustainable. Instead of a quick fix that makes you miserable, IdealPlan gives you the tools you need to change your life for the better.
  3. It’s convenient. You’ll changing your life, but that doesn’t mean you’ll spend all of your time. IdealPlan is made to fit right into busy lives and improve them.
  4. It’s affordable. Unlike so many “diets” out there, IdealPlan doesn’t require you to give up your paycheck to jumpstart your weight loss.

IdealPlan can help you achieve your ideal shape for the long-term. And that means improving your health and your whole quality of life.

That’s much better than a short-term fix!






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