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My favorite 5 workout partners

I love a good workout. I really do. Almost nothing beats the feeling after a challenging workout. But let’s be honest, it can be tough to find the motivation to workout and sometimes it can be even tougher to maintain that motivation throughout a workout.  I am always looking out for your guys and I want to find ways to make your lives easier, so I thought of the top things that help me when I am feeling less than enthusiastic about working out.


1-    A buddy. Workout buddies are my number one workout motivators. For years I have enjoyed running as my favorite workout. And almost as long as I have been running, my sister has been my running buddy. She is the perfect workout partner. Why? She doesn’t let me miss a run without majorly laying on the guilt, we work well together- we both have the same pace and help the other stick to it, and since she is not only my sister, but one of my best friends, we have a good time together. We laugh and talk and have a good time together, all while running.


2-    Musica! If I don’t have my sister to run with, I NEED my music. Not only does music take my mind off of the burn but it also helps my workout fly by! Sometimes when I am DYING and I want to give up, I tell myself I can’t take a break until a song is over and usually by the time the song is over I am done wanting to give up. Give it a try next time you want to quit. It works for me!

3-    Man’s best friend. Sometimes people aren’t available to workout with and when that happens, I turn to my dog, well actually, she is my parent’s dog. She’s a beautiful yellow lab and she loves to go running. She’s strong so when I put her leash on and take her for a run I am getting a nice arm workout as well because I have to hold tight on the leash so she doesn’t get away. Whether your furry little friend is big or small it doesn’t matter, pets can be great workout buddies. Even just going for a walk together will give you a nice workout.

02E704294-    Watch someone else enjoy themselves… even if you aren’t. Turn on the tv or pop in a flick. I know that for me, a tv show or movie is the best workout partner for those days that I really don’t want to workout because it helps the workout to fly by! I guess watching someone else having a good time while I am working my butt off helps take my mind off of the fact that I am in misery.

5-    Harry Potter, Catniss Everdeen, and psychology homework. I don’t know about you but, depending on the workout, I love to read while I break a sweat. I guess this is kind of a strange way to take your mind off of working out. I guess as a student learning to read while working out helped me to get my schoolwork done while staying in shape. But whether you are reading a textbook for school or something for entertainment, I think reading can be a great way to get through a workout.

 There you have it. My top 5 favorite workout partners.  So what about you? What (or who) is your favorite thing to accompany you during a workout? Leave a comment and let me know! I would love to hear from you!

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