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Bri Lost 100 Lbs, But That’s Only Part of Her Amazing Story!

It’s hard for people to believe that Brianna Brigidi once weighed 230 pounds. When they meet her now, they see a fit 35-year-old woman and assume she’s always been that way.

But Brianna (who goes by “Bri”) struggled with her weight for years. She also struggled with low self-esteem and addiction, feeling caught in a downward spiral with no control over her life.

“Fitness has saved my life,” Bri says. When she found the IdealShape Up Challenge online, she signed up, kick-started her new life and never looked back. During the first 12-week round of the program, Bri lost 25 pounds. “I saw myself get lean and get a lot more confident. I’m kind of lazy,” she confesses, “so it felt like a huge accomplishment.”

Feeling not just physically stronger but mentally stronger, Bri knew she had the power to see her transformation through. Today, she’s sober, strong, a runner and an aspiring fitness coach. “I now stand with confidence. I no longer hide from social events,” she says.

After losing an incredible 100 pounds, Bri has discovered a new calling: inspiring the same courage and hope in others. Just hop on the IdealShape Facebook page and you’ll see how much encouragement she has to offer to everyone!

“Seeing your body change is just the most amazing thing,” Bri says. “And one thing I tell everyone: there’s no excuses. Anyone can do it.”

In Bri’s #MyIdeal video, she talks about how the Shape Up Challenge helped her break up her daunting journey into smaller goals that she could focus on. It starts at a basic level and can be done with just 20 minutes a day and a computer, iPad or smartphone. Did we mention it’s totally FREE?

Not convinced you can change your life in 12 weeks? Watch Bri’s video for proof, then take the Challenge yourself!

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Chelsea Ratcliff

Chelsea Ratcliff

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