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This Marathoning Mama Has Some Fitness Advice for You! – #MyIdeal

After gaining 65 pounds with her first baby, Chandi Schwab was ready for a healthier lifestyle. “It was miserable — I just wasn’t myself,” she says.

Five years and three more pregnancies later, Chandi has built a fitness regimen that can stand up to the challenges of being a busy wife and mother of four. It all started with training for a local half-marathon, which “sparked a fire.” Before she knew it, Chandi was setting bigger and bigger running goals, like qualifying for the Boston Marathon — all just for the love of it, and for that little bit of daily “me time.”

“It’s when I stopped focusing on what it said on the scale and how my pants fit that I really started coming into my own and having a body that I liked,” she says.

Not only does Chandi use running as a way to stay fit, she thinks it makes her a better mom. In fact, she just had a baby 12 weeks ago, though you’d never know it! Her advice for others, especially moms struggling with baby weight, is to work toward activity milestones rather than body goals.

“I think everyone has something that’s fitness oriented that they love, and I think that’s what it is,” she says. “If you’re not focused on what you look like, it will come naturally as you achieve those goals.”

Watch Chandi’s #MyIdeal video to find out how she discovered her running passion. And don’t forget to subscribe to the IdealShape YouTube channel – we’ve got three more great videos coming up that you won’t want to miss. 😉






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