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#MyIdeal – Cotopaxi Designs Outdoor Gear with a Social Mission


Davis Smith always wanted to make a difference. He loves the outdoors and going on adventures, but he really loves helping people. That’s why he launched Cotopaxi with a double mission: to help connect people with their love of outdoor sports and to improve the world through social good.

“I think everybody needs to find what their passions are as far as staying physically fit,” Davis says. “You have to enjoy what you do to stay active.” By providing top-of-the-line gear, Cotopaxi helps hikers, climbers and all outdoor adventure-lovers do what they enjoy.

At the same time, the company gives a percentage of all sales to specific causes that help people in need. When someone buys an outdoor backpack or water bottle, the money goes toward an educational project or clean water project somewhere in the world — giving us all a chance to make a difference in the lives of people who have next to nothing.

“Having a purpose driven life definitely makes you happy,” Davis tells the IdealShape community. “If I were going to choose an ideal career and ideal life, it would be what I’m doing right now.”

We love how Davis is going after his #ideal. Check out his video to find out what Cotopaxi has to do with llamas and a volcano in Ecuador!


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