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Jenny Grothe’s Total Body Transformation was Built on Oatmeal! – #MyIdeal

Jenny Grothe has a remarkable transformation story — and it has a lot to do with oatmeal.

At age 37, it hit her: she was now that person, the one who people were worried about. She was 170 pounds, and the weight had snuck up over the years. Work, motherhood, eating unhealthy and not exercising had taken their toll.

“I just had lots of a-ha moments where I felt like something was really missing in my life,” she says.

In 2007, Jenny first started looking at her food choices, asking herself: am I doing this because I’m hungry, or because it’s something I used to do? She also went into figure competing and started working with trainers. To her surprise, every meal plan they gave her included oatmeal… and it was either get sick of it, or get creative.

“Anything that you could possibly have a craving for, I would experiment with it,” she says, tossing blueberries, pineapple and cocoa into the bowl. “Now I’m a HUGE fan of oatmeal.”

Jenny was at her unhealthiest weight and energy level when her journey began. Today, she has not only achieved her #ideal physical shape, she’s discovered her passion for sharing health with others as an entrepreneur and public speaker.

“I like who I am now. I feel like I’m more me than I ever have been,” she says.

Jenny has even created her own healthy cookbook with, you guessed it, oatmeal recipes! Watch the video to see her #MyIdeal story and then whip up your own fast, healthy breakfast!

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