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How #MyIdeal Power Couple Joe and Tina Semanoff Keep Each Other Motivated

A lot of us were involved in sports, cheerleading or dance in our teenage years… and then we grew up. Getting married, having kids, embarking on college and careers, it can all make physical fitness nothing more than a “former glory.”

Joe and Tina Semanoff have found — or rather, CREATED — a way to keep the fitness flame alive. Married with a young son, Joe is a triathlete and natural bodybuilder, and Tina is active duty in the National Guard. They love working out and support each other’s #ideal. (They used to have date nights at the gym. Best idea ever!)

“We work as a team,” Tina says. “We both know that getting a workout in every day is a priority.”

Joe and Tina realize that even though they’re busy, staying active and taking care of their bodies is still a necessity. In fact, it’s EVEN MORE important now that they have a son. By making time for physical activity every day and eating healthy foods in front of him, they’re teaching him that being healthy isn’t a drag  it’s fun!

“I really want him to grow up with the example of having a fit mom and dad,” Joe says.

_35A4764 3 _35A4855 bw _35A4835 bw copy _35A4685 4 Watch Joe and Tina’s video to see how this power couple keep each other motivated!

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