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Our 2013 Cruise Winner, Julie Nesbit, is Still Rocking Her #Ideal!

As the 2013 Ship Shape Challenge winner, Julie Nesbit lost 82 pounds, got a trip to Park City UT, and ultimately won $1,000 cash and a Caribbean Cruise for two!

Not long ago, before her weight loss journey began, Julie used to feel invisible. She just wanted to be seen again. “When I was heavy and would see myself in the mirror, it was always kind of a shock to me,” she reveals. “When I was away from the mirror, I didn’t think I looked like that.”

One day Julie decided it was time to take action, and that’s when she found IdealShape and started drinking IdealShakes and IdealBoost to change her appetite. “I really hoped it would work, but I really didn’t expect it to,” she says, “because nothing else had.”

Of course, it did work. Julie began to understand her body’s hunger cues and overcame her fear of throwing away food when she wasn’t hungry. Recognizing that she had this control over food was huge for her. “And as soon as you start seeing a little success, you’re going to want more,” she says.

When Julie hit a few setbacks along the way, she kept faith in her ability to achieve her goal and she stuck with her nutrition and workout plan. When she reached her goal of 80 pounds lost, she was at her ideal shape.

“If you want to be in shape, that’s in your hands. It wasn’t IdealShape making me lose the weight,” she explains. “It was IdealShape giving me the reins to control my diet.”

With her 50th birthday on the horizon, Julie has a new lease on life. The focus is no longer on weight—maintaining a healthy weight is a byproduct of her new way of life! Now she’s focused on living, eating nutritious foods and exercising every day.

“I want to keep living a long time—not just being ‘alive,’” she says. “I plan to be a lot healthier at 50 than I was at 30. I’m gaining muscle, and that’s a whole new ballgame for me!”

Julie looks amazing. As a self-described “mom next-door,” she says if she can lose weight, anyone can! She joined us in Park City again last fall as a Ship Shape ambassador and told us about how she got her life back. Check out her video to hear her story!





Do you have an IdealShape success story? If so, we want to hear about it!


Chelsea Ratcliff

Chelsea Ratcliff

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