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#MyIdeal Story – Why Kaytlin Neil Traded Pom-poms for Sparring Gloves


Kaytlin Neil is always redefining and pursuing her #ideal. She competed in cheerleading for 6 or 7 years growing up, and before that she did dance and gymnastics.

In college, she started looking around for something new to stay motivated… and that’s when she found mixed martial arts, or MMA. It was love at first knockout!

“It’s an awesome sport and I love the competition of it,” Kaytlin says. “Fighting is basically the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. You’re getting mentally demanding and physically demanding.”

Contrary to popular belief, MMA isn’t a savage sport. “Really it’s an art. If you know what’s going on inside the cage, the way the people move their body, defend themselves … the moves are beautiful,” she explains.

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Don’t be surprised if you see two opponents hugging it out after an MMA fight. It’s not just about beating each other up, Kaytlin says: “It’s about the sport and competition level and trying to better yourself and the other person.”

She encourages all girls to try mixed martial arts, either to learn to fight or for self-defense. “It really helps you to stand a little bit taller.”

With a big fight coming up, Kaytlin’s training hard these days. “I just want to go after it all the way!” she says. Her ideal: to live life as hard and full as she can, and to not be average.


Watch Kaytlin’s video below to see how she goes after her #ideal in the ring!

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