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#MyIdeal – Why Kenzie Loves Dancing in *Her* Body


As a dance teacher and choreographer, McKenzie knows how harsh the dance world can be on a person’s body image. She’s been dancing since age three, so she’s literally grown up in a room full of girls — where comparing body shape and size is almost unavoidable.

From ballet to contemporary jazz, plus lots of competing, Kenzie has had a vast range of dance experience. “I’ve danced every single day of my life, I feel like,” she says. “It’s been awesome.”

Through this, she’s learned that you don’t have to be twig-like and “perfect” to be a successful dancer. “Talent goes far beyond body size,” she says. “The word ‘ideal’ to me means something that is kind of perfect in a personal way.”

Learning to embrace her own #ideal didn’t come effortlessly, however. It’s something she had to work at. Now, as a dance teacher, she focuses on helping young girls feel wonderful in their own skin too. “I like to give them a place that’s safe and that makes them feel it’s okay to be themselves … no matter who they are or what they look like, that they’re beautiful just the way they are.”

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Through dance, Kenzie has found her #ideal outlet for fitness, fun, creativity and helping others. Watch her #MyIdeal video below and get inspired!

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Chelsea Ratcliff

Chelsea Ratcliff

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