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#MyIdeal – Lindsey Mathews, Figure Competitor & Mom of 3


No “Barbie weights” for this girl! Lindsey Mathews — a wife, mother of three kids and certified fitness trainer — started competing in figure competitions four years ago and never looked back.

Lindsey loves sculpting her #ideal body by lifting heavy weights. “The thing I love about competing in figure is that your body is like a work of art,” she says. “You’re improving the things you’re genetically given.”

For Lindsey, figure competitions aren’t about winning against others. Rather, they’re milestones of how far she’s come toward her personal #ideal. “For me it’s not about beating the girl next to me, it’s all about beating who I was before,” she says.

In fact, when she stopped feeling like she had to prove herself to others in the industry, that’s when she really started loving what she was doing. Lindsey just competed in a national figure competition in New York City a few weeks ago, and met her goal of placing in the top 15 in her division!

Granted, weight lifting isn’t every woman’s favorite activity. But often, Lindsey finds that women don’t like it simply because they don’t know what to do. When she gives them a lifting plan, she’s able to share with them the feeling of confidence you can gain from getting strong.

What we love about Lindsey is that she’s not only dedicated to achieving her own #ideal, she’s passionate about helping others achieve their #ideal too. That’s why we brought her on board as IdealShape’s nutrition and exercise expert. Check out Lindsey in action in her video below!

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