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Living #MyIdeal – Tough Blonde Bombshell Nicole Carlin


Meet Nicole. She always wanted to look like the skinny girls in the magazines…until she found her ideal shape. Read her inspiring story, watch her video below and see if it challenges you!

Nicole was born and raised in sunny California where there’s no shortage of pressure to be a Barbie-doll blonde bombshell.

Like many other women, Nicole used to look at the women in the magazines and would think, “Yeah, I want to look like that. I wanna be skinny. I want the leg gap.” Then she discovered her ideal.

She does CrossFit, goes hiking and canyoneering, and loves to lift heavy weights. Lifting became her ideal because it’s always challenging her to improve.

Finding her ideal shape has brought her so much confidence and she’s a stronger person through CrossFit and its community. Watch her video below:

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By Scott Eggenberger
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