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What Disability? Weight Lifter Rocky Mortensen Rocks His Ideal – #MyIdeal

Rocky Mortensen was born with a condition that compacted his limbs. His arms and legs are much shorter than average — a disability that most people would take as a great excuse to write off exercise.

But Rocky loves proving people wrong.

His belief: you can look at an exercise or diet program and say it’s not going to work… or you can make up your mind to do it. (That’s exactly what our incredible July Ship Shape winners, who together lost 250 pounds, said too!)

“We are so hard on ourselves. We always say we can’t do this or we can’t do that,” Rocky says. “The best thing I always share with my friends is that success is a mindset. It’s something that you choose.”

A self-described health fanatic, Rocky has chosen success in all kinds of athletic activities, from tennis to volleyball. When a friend offered to be his weightlifting coach, he jumped at the chance to overcome another challenge.

These days, Rocky can probably lift more than you! He doesn’t let his disability or self-consciousness stop him from going to the gym and pursuing his ideal. He says the positive reinforcement from his trainer has helped him keep at it.

If your fitness goal could use a little jolt of positivity, check out Rocky’s video to see how he overcame his disability and is rocking his fitness #ideal. You’ll be inspired!

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