#MyIdeal Success Stories

#MyIdeal – How the Sweat4Sweets Ladies Do It


Here are two women with a sensible approach to fitness! Ashley and Kristi are triathletes who have conquered that balance between exercise and eating what they love. They bike, run, swim and enjoy every minute of it… but give up their treats? No way!

“We like to keep it real for people,” Ashley says. “Life is so ‘you need to be this way, and you can’t give yourself just a little bit of that sweet side’ — and that’s what we love, our sweet side.”

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For each of us, working toward our #ideal is a lifestyle, not a quick fix. If you can’t keep it up, it’s not going to become part of your lifestyle. So Kristi and Ashley say forget about other people’s rules and find your own motivation.

For them, it’s their favorite sugary ammo. And they know that a few calories aren’t going to hurt, as long as they put ‘em to work! “Society is all about skinny, skinny, skinny,” Kristi says. “But you’ve got to have muscle and be healthy — you can’t restrict yourself from calories.”

The Sweat4Sweets team is proof that you can have your cake and your ideal shape too! Watch their video to find out how they crush those calories:

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Chelsea Ratcliff

Chelsea Ratcliff

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