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The Myths About Weight Loss and Diet Programs Part 1

lose weightSince I was a wrestler in High School I have almost always been on a diet. I remember those days of trying to get my 5’11” frame down to 145 pounds. I would wear a plastic sweat suit, only eat hard boiled eggs, and spit a whole lot. I practically did anything that would get my weight to 145 pounds for weight ins on Friday night before my wrestling match. During my senior year our team was half way through the wrestling season and some bizarre events transpired. Before the Christmas break I had beat the previous year’s state champ. I went into the two week Christmas vacation believing I would be the state wrestling champion at 145 pounds.

I was in for a profound surprise. To my dismay I came back weighing 175 pounds after Christmas and New Years. This meant that I had to cut 30 pounds in one week.  My mental state of mind was devastated and the negative thoughts buried me. All I could ask was why and no one had any answers. Ultimately, I finished my senior year wrestling as a heavy weight and won 3rd place at districts.

Now fast forward 34 years and I was in the same state of mind when it came to weight loss – a very negative mind set. During those 34 years I was going up and down 25 to 40 pounds. This meant that I had 3 wardrobes. I would swing from a 32 inch waist to a 36 inch waist. To really be honest I have been at the 36 waist for the last 10 years with hang over. That finally changed 1 year ago.

Somewhere around 1984 a friend gave me a cassette tape and said I could lose weight by listening to it. I ended up losing 10 pounds and then lost the cassette while moving between homes. I didn’t realize until 18 years later the power of that experience.

That realization came while talking to my foster dad, Tom Nightingale. One evening while watching the sun set on his back porch, he told Carla and me that he had lost and gained over a thousand pounds over his lifetime. While he was telling me this, in my mind I said “OH MY GOSH” could the secret that I learned 18 years ago on that cassette tape help him. Carla and I decided that night that we had to put together a program that would help him get to a healthy weight and improve his quality of life.

With Tom as our motivation, Carla and I invited 15 women and men including Tom to a 3-day retreat.  At this retreat we revealed to them a road map to achieving their idealshape and most importantly the secret to staying there. We gave each individual Brain Food in a workbook, Meal Replacement Shakes, Multivitamins, and a weight loss supplement. Over the next 6 months Tom lost 120 pounds. We were all so excited, but we held our breath, wondering if he would be able to keep the weight off. For the next 5 years he did not gain the weight back, unfortunately he died in April of 2008 from complications that arose during back surgery.

From that experience I became determined to help other people not go through the mental and physical pain that Tom went through for 72 years to get to his ideal shape. 26 years ago that cassette tape introduced to me a powerful way to train the brain. It is a funny thing but every success in life requires the right mind set. For some people that mind set comes naturally.  For others they have to work to develop that mindset.

In Summary for this part 1 Blog – magic pills and magic surgeries are suppose to help people create their idealshape’s – it is typically a myth, urban legend, and for most people a false promise. Unless you fix your head (mind) the weight comes back and usually more than what was lost. In Part 2 Blog, I will share what happened to me personally 1 year ago to change those myths. Check back in 2 weeks for The Myths about Weight Loss and Diet Programs part 2.



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