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The All New Ideal Shape Up Challenge

suc-logo-new-300x300If you have taken our Shape Up Challenge in the past you may have noticed that it is a little different this time. This is due to the fact that we have totally replaced the old workouts with new daily workouts and challenges. But don’t worry, we are sure you will appreciate the change. And if you are just starting the challenge for the first time, we hope you enjoy it to.

If you are not familiar with the old workouts, they consisted of only a few different workouts that you completed multiple times during the week. We did away with this old style and are now offering you a new, challenging workout for each day of the week. We hope that this will do two things: 1. Be more exciting and challenging for you and 2. Bring you better results.

If you recall from the old challenge we focused on core training, cardiovascular training and strength training, as well as active stretching to improve flexibility. The new program focuses on these same core concepts in order to give your entire body an impressive workout.

Another concept we have added to the Shape Up Challenge this time around is the Daily Challenge. Each day after your active stretching warm up and workout, you will also have the opportunity to participate in the challenge of the day. This challenge is designed to help you see how you have improved over the course of the challenge as well as share with others your progress.

Our hopes are that with this new daily challenge part of the workout, you will be able to inspire and be inspired by others taking the challenge on our Shape Up Challenge Facebook page. You can post your time each day under the challenge for that day by going to We hope that you will all take this opportunity and share your progress with us, and others taking the challenge.

We hope you enjoy the all new Ideal Shape Up Challenge and wish you success in achieving your fitness goals. As always we are here to help answer any question you have along the way. If you are having any questions fell free to comment below or send us an email. Good luck during these next twelve weeks and remember to have fun!

By Wes Young

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