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New Study: Soda Linked With Premature Aging

Think bacon burgers and pasta are your worst enemies in the fight against fat? Think again. The CDC reports that America’s increased consumption of added sugars is one of the biggest culprits behind the mass increase in body weight.

While there’s added sugar in all kinds of processed foods, sodas and energy drinks are PACKED with it. The calories literally pour in with every sip of a sweetened beverage.

The same goes for pumpkin lattes… keep up that “tradition” and the only thing you’ll be reuniting with this fall is your sweatpants!

As if the sugar and empty calories aren’t bad enough, new research just hit the wire that’ll REALLY make you rethink those sugary drinks…

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A new study just found a link between sugary soda and premature cell aging. According to research from University of California San Francisco (UCSF), published in the American Journal of Public Health last week, this means drinking soda may open the door to disease aside from its connection to obesity.

Cellular aging has been associated with a host of harmful effects, from inflammation to oxidative tissue damage to insulin resistance.

But what if you love your favorite soda? Well, a sip here and there won’t hurt… Our dear friend and customer Kelly Smith has cut back to an 8-oz glass of soda in the evenings as a treat. But with IdealBoost and IdealShakes, she has replaced all the “44-ouncers” she was drinking before.

As a side note, this is why IdealShape created IdealBoost – to help people replace the sugar-bomb drinks that make it impossible to lose weight, while still giving you an energy boost and something tasty to sip on.

I’ll be the first to say cutting back on soda is NOT easy. From soda labels that increase thirst, to restaurant servers refilling your glass when you’re not looking, it can seem downright impossible. But every step counts and moderation makes a big difference. By changing her nutrition habits, including replacing most (but not all) of her daily sodas, Kelly lost more than 180 lbs. She looks amazing so we trust her strategy. 😀

Weight gain? Premature aging? Inflammation and disease? The soda isn’t worth it. Like Kelly, if you’re drinking soda throughout the day, swapping it out for a healthier energy boost could be the ticket to transforming your body!

By Chelsea Ratcliff

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Chelsea Ratcliff

Chelsea Ratcliff

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