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IdealShape launches new website and product line

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IdealShapeTM launches new website and product line in time for the New Year

December 30, 2009—Weight loss and fitness company IdealShapeTM went live today with a new website to showcase the IdealShape Premier Weight Loss PlanTM—a brand-new product line that takes a unique approach to helping people lose weight.

IdealShape’s core goal is to provide something rare in today’s diet and weight loss markets: a lasting, healthy solution. The new IdealShape product series is also created to make weight loss practical and attainable for the average person. The program is inexpensive, comprehensive, and requires only a few simple resources to be successful.

“We have always been passionate about fitness, nutrition and weight loss,” says IdealShape Managing Partner, David Meine, about their new direction. Rather than deliver a weight loss “quick fix” with the IdealShape Premier Weight Loss Plan, they will help people build a foundation for lifelong health and fitness.

Extensive research and testing went into developing IdealShape Premier Weight Loss Plan products, which include a Meal Replacement Shake, Anti-Aging Weight Loss Supplement, Nutrition Plan and Fitness Plan in the form of an Book, and the Hypnosis For Weight Loss Series.

product lineThe website launch date makes IdealShape products available for January  1, 2010, when many will set new year’s resolutions to start a weight loss plan or fitness plan. On the website, people will be able to purchase IdealShape products and also read expert advice about weight loss, fitness and nutrition. Here  customers will also have the opportunity to subscribe to the IdealShape e-newsletter. This bimonthly bulletin will deliver the latest weight loss and nutrition findings from fitness professionals, along with updates about IdealShape products.

About IdealShape

IdealShapeTM was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in  Lindon, Utah. The company is owned by Managing Partners David and Skyler Meine. Skyler, a Certified Personal Trainer degreed in Exercise Science, designed many components of the program. Both Skyler and David have fully dedicated their time to studying exercise plans and nutrition formulas in order to develop the IdealShape Premier Weight Loss PlanTM.

For more information about IdealShapeTM products, contact David or Skyler Meine at 801-228-0014, or visit

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