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Roadmap For New Weight Loss Plan: Hypnosis

road-mapBefore starting any new weight loss plan it is essential to create a roadmap. The roadmap helps us stay on track and helps us recognize when we get off track. The roadmap lets us know how far we are along the way for a successful weight loss plan. We have to know how we get from here to there. At IdealShape we believe that a successful roadmap starts with hypnosis for weight loss.

What are the typical roadblocks for any weight loss program (idealshape calls it body shaping). First and foremost are our beliefs about our body shape, what we eat, how we exercise, and the negative thoughts rolling around in our subconscious mind? Most of us have traveled this road before and we have experienced detours (holidays), road construction (sabotage), and other unexpected hazards (eating out and unhealthy snacks).

Hypnotherapy for weight loss works on modifying or erasing old beliefs that are no longer needed. Research has shown that new healthy habits take 30 days to incorporate into the mind. IdealShape has learned through research and observation that individuals can only work on 3 new habits every 30 days. The roadmap that we suggest for body shaping will allow an individual to lose 1-2 pounds each week.

There is a belief cycle that is central to building a roadmap. It can help us not only identify the obvious steps along the way (usually Stimulus and Responses), but can help us recognize the less obvious details – the emotions.

Most of you can relate to the emotion triggered by getting on the scale after several weeks of dieting and realizing no weight loss. Smelling your favorite desert cooking, taking one bite and then devouring the whole pan, then the guilty emotions trigger and next you know you are headed into a full blown depression.

How do you replace negative and outdated beliefs? At idealshape we have you work on 3 new habits every 30 days. For example, Audio Brain Food Volume 1 CD is called “Building a Foundation.” The first 3 habits that are worked on are:

  1. Getting a better night’s sleep so you can release hormones for weight loss.
  2. Drinking more water and learning how to relax each time you drink a glass of water.
  3. Start visualizing your idealshape in your subconscious mind.

Every Month you can start a new IdealShape CD that will work on 3 new healthy habits.

I have observed that many people who create a road map quickly say that they have no control, no will power, or no healthy mind set. In fact, most people don’t understand that there is a momentary instant between a (stimulus and a response) that a choice is made. It is at that point we have an opportunity to make a positive choice of what our response will be to any stimulus. Weight loss hypnotherapy is all about getting individuals to realize that they are in control their choice for good or bad. Hypnosis will help someone pause after receiving a stimulus and think through a response that will keep them on their weight loss (body shaping) roadmap.

In Summary, hypnotherapy for weight loss is all about changing negative and outdated beliefs. Anyone can replace their old belief’s with new positive habits and behaviors that will keep them on a successful and progressing roadmap for creating their idealshape.  The ultimate goal is a new roadmap that creates emotions that are positive and uplifting.



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