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November’s Ship Shape Challenge Winner

ship shape challenge winnerAnother month is winding to a close and that means it’s time to announce this month’s Ship Shape Challenge winner! November is special in that we have a dual entry Kate and Ken Nelson who have had some amazing success!

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Now here’s Kate and Ken’s story in their own words. Reminding us once again that no one needs a ‘Diet’, the goal is to ‘Live it’.


My husband, Ken and I decided in March of 2011 that we needed to live a healthier life-style. Ken has always been very active and I try to keep up with him. After much research on the internet we decided to try the Idealshape Meal Replacement Shake. I have never been very consistent about eating breakfast, would have a light lunch at the office and then be really hungry when I got home in the evening. Needless to say I would overeat, starting with dinner and snacking until bedtime. I was very excited when we received the Idealshape kit in the mail. We started the next morning on our new “Livit”. Diets always become something you can’t sick with and we needed to change our whole outlook about eating and make a healthy life-style change that we could stick to the rest of our lives.


I had a chocolate shake and Ken had vanilla. The first day we just used the shaker bottle that came with the kit and mixed the powder with milk. Very good flavor but I prefer my shake a littler thicker, so I froze some milk in an ice cube tray and the next morning made my shake in the ‘Magic Bullet’ with the about 4 cubes of the frozen milk and about ½ cup of milk with the powder – thick and yummy! Over the next few months we added lots of different goodies to our morning shakes – fresh spinach, frozen berries, frozen black cherries, frozen banana slices, Greek yogurt and something we call soy poi. (Soy poi: soak dried soy beans in water overnight, then bring to a boil and cook for about 20 minutes. Allow beans to cool, drain and rinse, place in blender on high and add fresh water until the beans are smooth and the texture of Greek yogurt. Great protein/calorie ratio and picks up the flavor of whatever you put it in!) My morning shake (I also take the supplement) gives me so much more energy throughout the day. We started walking around our neighborhood most mornings before work. I was feeling so much better that I wanted to keep going with our new ‘Livit’.

Dinner became a healthy meal of chicken, turkey or fish with vegetables. It took some time for the weight to come off, but then I had spent the last nine years putting it on! It is very helpful having my husband on board for our journey to a healthier life-style. So far I have lost 42 pounds – down to a size 6. Whenever anyone complements me about my new smaller size I always tell them about Idealshape and how it has helped me reach my goal of a healthier life!!


Did I mention that I am 60 years old and Ken is 61!!


I have always loved to exercise. Anything that uses my body and mind is a fun and exciting activity. For example, my idea of a great day is to go to the beach and dig a hole (as big and deep as the day will allow). At the age of eight, I was playing in my first Little League game. At bat, I hit the ball a ‘country mile’. Being on the farm team, we didn’t have a fence, so one had to race around the bases before the ball was thrown back. I was tagged out at home—not even close. The players from the other team began chanting, “Fatty fatty two by four can’t get through the kitchen door”. I couldn’t believe they were talking about me! Well it was true, I was fat. I have a body type with fat around my middle. I have won many championships on teams and by myself. I have always been the strongest and one of the fastest and yet I have never had a six pack. I have continued to exercise all through my life. In my fifties, I was lifting weights trying to maintain as much strength as possible. At sixty, I could still bench press 300 pounds. I am an Orthopedic Massage Therapist and Myoskeletal Therapist. Also, for the last six year, I have been teaching movement classes to seniors.

During the day, I mostly wear loose exercise clothing. With my busy schedule, I got into the habit of eating on the run with a lot of high concentrated calorie and fat foods. Although I noticed that I had gained some weight, I passed it off as “deal with it later”. Last October, my wife and I went to a Halloween party. A week after the party the host mailed us a photo. To say that I was shocked was an understatement. I weighed 240 pounds and it showed! Kate and I put the photo away and tried to lose weight without a plan for the next four months. We had no success. Then Kate came home with the Idealshape information. Kate had purchased an introduction to self hypnosis for weight loss. I had totally incorrect preconceived ideas of self hypnosis. It truly is an incredible concept. A few of the changes I’ve made are to weigh myself every morning, first thing, and to count calories and types of foods that I consume. I had read a great phrase which I repeat daily, “it never tastes as good as losing weight feels”.

I have become aware that my clients look up to me as an example of good health. The majority of these wonderful people have lost hope that they can achieve their Idealshape, feel great and have more energy. A very real element to my wife’s and my success is working together as a couple. We make our shakes together, walk together and talk about success and our great future as a couple. To date, I weigh 206 pounds, 34 pounds gone forever! I have lost some bulk strength, however my overall strength and ability to use my body has improved.

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