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America Growing Even More Obese, Here’s How To Fight the Fat

In spite of the “hundreds of millions of dollars” that have been invested in reversing America’s obesity crisis, America is gaining weight.

CNN reported on several Journal of the American Medicine Association studies that obesity rates have been climbing steadily for the past 30 years, even in recent years when there has been a focused public effort to reverse them.

Especially among women, the report states, obesity and weight gain are on the rise. The National Center for Health Statistics found that obesity increased among women by 5% over the past decade and that 40% of American women are now classified as obese. Men aren’t far behind at 35%, and 17% of children and teenagers also are obese.

Most troubling of all the studies’ info is that now 10% of women and 5.5% of men qualify for Class-3 obesity. Class-3 obesity, also known as morbid obesity, puts those it affects at an extreme risk of weight-related health problems, and early death.

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This is why I’ve been on a mission the past 10 plus years to reduce this wide spread epidemic. As a personal trainer and nutrition expert, I’ve been fortunate to help hundreds of individuals lose weight and keep it off and regain their health.

In my time as a trainer, I’ve seen modern diets, weight loss plans, and busy lifestyles lack a healthy balance, making it difficult to lose weight. Most weight loss programs do not provide the solutions you need to finally lose the weight:

  • Convenience
  • A Support System
  • Hunger Control

The Deadly Diet

It is believed that one of the biggest contributors to the rise in obesity is the Western Diet. Contrary to the heart-healthy Mediterranean or Okinawan diets, which could help you live to be 100, the American Western Diet could be putting us all into an early grave.

Characterized by three large meals full of processed foods, sugar, hydrogenated oils, and refined flour, the Western Diet is a recipe for diet disaster. Our busy modern lifestyles in the West seem to require these convenience foods over traditional dishes that are more nourishing for our bodies.

All that convenience has a cost, however.

The USDA says that the average American now eats 32 teaspoons of added sugar every single day. Simple sugars, like those found in many of our favorite junk foods are rapidly absorbed by the body. Sugar and other carbohydrates are used to fuel every part of your body after they are released into your bloodstream following a meal.

Once the sugar in your blood reaches a certain concentration, the hormone insulin is released to remove it and send it where it is needed, like your muscles and organs. But your body can only use so much sugar at one time. Excessive sugar consumption can cause an “insulin spike,” which tells your body to store that excess sugar as fat, while triggering the “reward center” in your brain.

Ever had a “sugar rush?” Even though your brain loves (and is probably addicted to) sugar, eating this high-fat, high-sugar diet is putting you and our entire country at risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea and early death.

In one encouraging sign, it seems that many restaurants and food companies seem to be taking notice of the negative effects of these poor diet choices. “Perhaps it is time for the medical and public health communities to embrace a relationship with the food and restaurant industries,” said the writers of the study. “These industries have been good at marketing unhealthy foods; perhaps it will be possible for them to develop and market healthy foods.”

Wanted: Support System

Another reason Americans seem to be losing the fitness fight is a lack of a healthy support system. If you have ever had to “go it alone,” you know how hard it can be to be the odd-man-out, especially regarding your health.

Even though millions of Americans resolve to lose weight each year, Forbes reports that only 8% manage to achieve their goals! This means there are a lot of people out there who have given up on their goals, and might even be bitter towards you for trying to stick with yours.

Social gatherings are full of pressure and temptation. Remember those unhealthy processed foods we just talked about? They are everywhere at office parties, family reunions, vacation spots and dinners with friends.

Studies have shown that people will tend to order higher-calorie restaurant meals when their friends order higher-calorie dishes.

“We know…that body weight runs in peer groups and that the best predictor of our body weight is that of our friends, said Professor Jane Ogden, psychology professor of the University of Surrey. “We also know that…the desire to fit in drives much of human behaviour…If some friends start to eat more healthily then this domino effect could make their other friends also change what they eat.”

I recommend surrounding yourself with positive people who will encourage you and support you in the decision you have made to get healthier! Stick to your healthy habits. Who knows, your example could even be the positive peer pressure someone else needs.

Convenience is Key

Perhaps more than any other, this is the reason Americans struggle with their weight.

Lets face it, most weight loss programs can be time-consuming, confusing and expensive. Between costly shopping lists and strict diet and exercise schedules, you might be asking yourself if you have the time to get healthy! On top of that, there is the worry about the “H” word.

Hunger. It is nearly impossible, as I’m sure you know, to lose weight when you’re constantly feeling hungry and deprived.

Before you know it, your health goals are just adding to all the other stress you’re already under, which could be making you gain even more weight. Did you know that the average high school student today has the same stress level as a psychiatric patient from the 1950’s?

So any successful weight loss plan needs to be filling, convenient and efficient enough to (hopefully) not put you in a straight jacket!

Your Ideal Weight Loss Tool

My passion along with IdealShapes, is to transform and improve lives by helping people find their ideal shapes.

I’m serious about helping one person, one individual at a time, in helping to reverse America’s obesity problem. I realize that there is a lot of confusion out there, that is why IdealShape set out to create the simplest, most filling, effective weight loss tool out there.


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IdealShake has helped so many people because it addresses those three main problems that have made obesity such a problem today:

Diet: IdealShape helps prevent many of the problems of the Western Diet by replacing them with healthy lifestyle habits. When you can replace a 1,000 calorie meal with a 110-120 calorie meal, you will definitely notice results fast! IdealShake uses protein and Slendesta, a hunger-blocking ingredient.

Support: We call ourselves the “IdealShape Family,” and we really mean it. When you purchase IdealShakes or any product from us, you become a part of an active, supportive community of women and men who have common goals.

Convenience: IdealShake is one of the simplest, most convenient weight loss shakes ever created. IdealShake meal replacement shakes mix up in seconds and fill you up for hours, as well as providing healthy protein, vitamins, and minerals.

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Kami Price

Kami Price

Head Trainer & Nutritionist

Kami Price is the Head Trainer for IdealShape. She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, a Pn.1 Certified Nutrition Coach, and Certified Yoga Instructor. Kami has been in the fitness world for over 10 years and prior to joining IdealShape owned one of the biggest private gyms in Utah.

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