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6 Changes to Make NOW and Demolish Your Weight Loss Plateau

Trainer Kami on How to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau

Plateau? What Plateau!

Weight loss plateaus happen to everyone, but that doesn’t mean you have to like it! You can smash right through that weight loss wall! I’ve got the perfect program to help you get back on track to shedding pounds and reaching your goals. Try my FREE 15-Day Challenge and kick your weight loss into gear!

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So you’ve lost some weight and you’ve been feeling great! You changed your diet, and you’ve been working out regularly. You have been unstoppable!

Then it happens: out of nowhere, you stopped seeing results.

Either you’ve been at the same weight for some deal of time, or you’ve frustratingly enough gained a few pounds back.

What gives?! I’ve seen this same situation hundreds of times in my 10 years of experience training clients and helping them reach their weight loss goals.

The unfortunate truth is that you’ve hit a weight loss plateau.

But don’t worry it happens to everyone. It is natural to eventually hit a weight loss plateau, and experience some ups and downs on your journey!

Nichole S. won our weight loss challenge in 2015, and while she successfully reached her goal weight she did experience some roadblocks along the way. She says to, “Trust the process… and realize that weight loss is a roller coaster. Weight doesn’t just go down, down, down. There will be ups and downs, but trust the process.”

I mean just check out Nicole’s before and after below. How can you not feel inspired!

Nicole's IdealShape before and after picture

Nicole lost 30 pounds with the help of IdealShape. Even after 2 years and a baby, she’s still able to maintain her healthy lifestyle!

So even if you’re experiencing a road block or plateau, there’s no need to give up because there’s hope: and all it takes is a little change.

What you need to do is to make some adjustments, and these tweaks will help jumpstart your weight loss again so you can overcome this plateau.

Let’s do this!

How To Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau

Keep Your Calories in Check

Trainer Kami and friend prepping a healthy healthy and delicious meal

Through your weight loss journey you’ve taken great steps with your portion control. Cutting back on unnecessary items, and making sure to focus on eating a high-protein diet.

However, even the most vigilant “food-portioner” will eventually face the roadblock which I like to call the “Calorie Creep Up.”

It’s easier than you may think for portions to slowly and gradually grow larger. It may be because you’ve been working out more and therefore feel hungrier. There are also small choices you may be making that can add up to a whole lot of extra and unnecessary calories!

Here’s how you can fix this and cut out those creeping calories!

  • Always… always eat a protein/fiber rich breakfast! You will feel fuller longer and have more energy throughout the day!
  • Be cautious with condiments. Put the dressing on the side of your salad, and skip the mayonnaise if you can. Remember, less is more!
  • If you’re feeling snacky reach for a healthy option over something not-so-healthy. Need a crunchy snack? Grab some carrots! Need something sweet? Try some fruit and Greek yogurt, or a tasty IdealBar!
  • If you absolutely need a soda, choose diet over regular. Or for a healthier energy pick-me-up try IdealBoost weight loss drink mix instead!
  • Avoid cream based soups and sauces. Go for tomato based or broth based instead!
  • Choose whole grains over refined. For example, whole wheat bread rather than white, or brown rice over white rice.

Avoid Overeating While You’re Out

Some days it’s nice to not have to cook, so you treat yourself by going out to eat. However, it is so incredibly easy to overeat at a restaurant. So here are a few ways you can keep yourself in check while still enjoying your meal.

  • Remember that you don’t have to order an appetizer. Save those calories for your actual meal. Also don’t make the mistake of over-indulging on the bread they bring out, it’s so easy to do!
  • Restaurants have a terrible bad habit of plating larger than necessary portions. So don’t feel obligated to eat everything on your plate. Try to portion out what you want to eat, and then take the rest home! I mean who doesn’t love leftovers anyway, right?

Write It Down

When you think of a journal or diary, you often think of the silly things you wrote about in sixth grade with your latest crush or detailing an embarrassing moment at school.

A food journal is thankfully much different, and can be used to help you be more successful in your fitness journey, and overcoming your weight loss plateau!

So what should you write about in a food journal, and when? Here’s the rundown:

  • Keep track of everything you eat and drink. Literally, everything. Don’t leave things out!
  • Note the times you eat. This will help you see a pattern of when you start to feel hungry throughout the day. It also keeps you accountable if you are wanting to snack and you see you’ve only eaten 45 minutes prior; then you can help yourself resist and wait longer to eat again.
  • Also, make sure you write down what emotions you are feeling when you eat. This will help show what emotions trigger cravings for unhealthy eating habits.
  • Most importantly, make sure you are honest! If you can’t even be honest in a food journal, then you will most certainly fall off the weight loss path again. Just keep it real and then you will get real weight loss results!

Get That Protein

kami making a smoothie

It is so important to eat a diet with lots of lean protein, but do you know why?

According to research, protein helps to suppress ghrelin, which is a hormone that induces hunger. So the more protein you eat with each meal, the less hungry you will feel in between!

So how can you get more lean protein into your diet? Here are a few ways!

  • Try meal prepping at the beginning of the week, and pre-make protein rich, ready-to-go meals. That way if you are limited on time you already have it ready.
  • Another solution for when you’re short on time is using IdealShake to make a protein packed meal replacement shake with 11 grams of whey protein. You can make a shake in less than three minutes!
  • Lean proteins are the way to go. Examples of lean proteins are grilled chicken, grilled salmon, turkey, beans and lentils, nuts, and eggs. So many choices to keep you full!

Make It Burn

idealburn good source of caffeine

A great way to help overcome your weight loss plateau is to implement IdealBurn fat burner into your daily routine.

IdealBurn will give your metabolism the boost it needs to break through that weight loss wall because it’s really helping you in two ways:

1.IdealBurn uses natural caffeines to recharge your energy. You’ll have more energy to exercise and be active which will help you burn more calories. And if you’re lifting weight (you should!) you’ll be building muscle that will help you burn more calories. Working out gives you double the calorie burn and IdealBurn gives you the energy to workout. Awesome right?

2. IdealBurn will help to support your metabolism. With fat-burning ingredients like green tea, green coffee bean, and natural caffeine you’ll definitely be feeling the burn.

The great new is, it’s so simple to do and yet so effective towards weight loss! That’s a win in my book!

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Visualize the Weight Loss

The mind is a powerful tool, and especially when it comes to helping you visualize your weight loss goals and overcoming your weight loss plateau.

If you visualize your ideal self, and implant those images and ideas into your subconscious mind, then you are more likely to achieve those weight loss goals!

So here are some ways you can help yourself visualize your weight loss goals!

  • Write down your goals and put them somewhere that you will constantly read them! Seeing is believing! Also categorize your goals into sections of long-term and short-term; keep things in realistic perspective. You’re not going to lose 20 pounds in 1 week, so maybe 20 pounds should be a long-term goal.
  • Fill your fridge and pantry with healthy food options, so that when you are hungry you see the good choices, instead of reaching for junk food! Think fruit, veggies, low-fat cheese, and whole wheat items!

Switch It Up

kami running with kids

The weight loss plateau goes hand-in-hand with the exercise plateau! Eventually doing the same exercise routines the same old way will not only become boring, but they will stop being effective towards your weight loss.

If you switch things up, you will be able to fight back against fat again, and climb upwards from the weight loss plateau!

Here are some ways you can switch things up, and keep challenging yourself in your workouts!

  • Make a section in your food journal for your fitness entries too! That way you can keep track of what you do in your routines, how long you worked out, and how much weight you used etc. You can reference these entries and keep pushing yourself more and more each day!
  • Hitting a workout plateau is tough because you end up feeling frustrated and you risk falling completely off the exercise bandwagon. Try hitting a new class at the gym, or instead of just doing the same old run on the treadmill try a cycling class or doing a HIIT workout on the stair climber. Change is a good thing and it will challenge you!
  • If you are injured, or if something doesn’t feel right, don’t be afraid to modify the movements! That way you can still get a good burn but you’re not risking further injury.
  • Making an upbeat music playlist will help keep you motivated!
  • If the weather cooperates, go outside! Go hiking, go for a walk, or even take your kids to a playground and do some workouts there!

NamaSTAY.. Away From Stress

kami doing yoga

You know I love yoga! Yoga is great to build up your muscle strength, your endurance, and flexibility.

But it’s more than that! Yoga has the ability to help you find inner peace, to stretch out your inner emotions and calm any troublesome stress that may be plaguing you. Stress can cause many problems, especially making you gain weight! It may sound super corny, but yoga really does help you destress! And keeping stress away helps you avoid a weight loss plateau! Here’s why:

  • Your body normally releases the hormone cortisol to help muscles and organs function. When you are stressed, the body releases more cortisol than is needed, thinking it is in “emergency mode” as if there is an injury or trauma happening. This release causes high blood pressure, ulcers, migraines, weight gain, and can bog down your immune system and make you sick! Yoga helps your body release those stressful triggers, helping to calm things down and rebalance the amounts of cortisol.
  • Practicing controlled breathing throughout a session of yoga helps to focus all of your organ functions together and bring your body to a balanced center.
  • Stress hurts your body, and you can feel physically sore from it all! The stretches in yoga can help bring relief to those aching muscles.
  • During yoga you can close your eyes, turn off your cell phone, and just shut out the whole world. What a perfect and peaceful way to do some personal meditation, and refocus your energy on your weight loss goals!
  • Never tried yoga before? I’ve got you covered in my 15 Day Challenge! I love yoga and incorporated it into the routines to add some balance and variety for your body and for your weight loss!

A Simple Solution to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau02C13227

Hitting a weight loss plateau is frustrating, and if you’re not prepared for it you risk falling off your fitness path and losing all of that progress you’ve made!

Not to worry though, if you follow these changes I’ve listed out you can fight back against the plateauing effects and get back on track towards your weight loss goals!

For an extra boost to burn fat and keep it off, try adding IdealBurn into your daily routine! These supplements will power-up your metabolism and increase your energy to keep you going longer, and help you lose weight more effectively!

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Kami Price

Kami Price

Head Trainer & Nutritionist

Kami Price is the Head Trainer for IdealShape. She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, a Pn.1 Certified Nutrition Coach, and Certified Yoga Instructor. Kami has been in the fitness world for over 10 years and prior to joining IdealShape owned one of the biggest private gyms in Utah.

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