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Peaches, Get Your Fresh Peaches!

Peaches, Get your fresh peaches!

peachesDon’t you see the signs all over the place?  On every fruit stand you pass.  Fresh tree ripened peaches.  This is one thing I love about this time of year.  They are so sweet and flavorful.  I just have to find ways to incorporate them into my diet for the next few weeks.  Because after that it will be back to the store to get them and they’re just not as good.  I’m having them in my shake in the morning, my afternoon snack is a peach yogurt parfait and then in the evening I just have one plain.  That’s why today’s featured recipe is Peachy Creamy Phyllo Cups.  All last week I couldn’t get them off my mind and I just had to have a new dessert.  So I made this one up.  I’m sure someone has tried this before but I haven’t seen it so I’m saying that I created it.  Especially since I did it without adding sugar to keep the calories low (only 125 calories each).  Since they’re that low you could have two of them and still hit your fitness goals.

carla meine

carla meine

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