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Perception vs Truth: What We Think Means More

On recommendation, this week I watched a video by Paul Bloom, called “The Origins of Pleasure”. Despite its risque title, it’s a work-appropriate video full of some fascinating information.

It’s a great video about perception and origin and how they play a major role in every aspect of our life. From the value we attach to objects, to how we experience both pleasure and pain.I was reminded of a clip from the Penn and Teller show about fast food.

They conducted an experiment with a Taco Salad from Taco Bell. They divided the group into two rooms and told one group that the Taco Salad came from a local restaurant, and told the other that it was, in fact, a Taco Bell item.

Both groups ate the same meal, but those that had thought they were getting a restaurant salad had a completely different feeling towards what they were eating. They called the salad light, and delicious as opposed to greasy and unappetizing. They also miscalculated the calories they were eating by a much, much larger margin.

How we think about food effects every aspect of what we’re eating.

The proof is all around us and it has been staring us in the face for years. We attach emotions to words in a way that can help or hinder us. This is why we try to share the power of the hypnosis for weight loss cd’s. We know that our full program works as long as you approach it from the right mindset, but when IdealShape was founded we were told to expect less than 5% compliance on our product line.

As dieters, we don’t find success because we’ve sabotaged ourselves from the moment we started. To find that healthy lifestyle we’ve always wanted, we need to deal with that sabotage and approach our health from a different perspective to find success.

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