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Positive thinking: Can you think the extra weight off your body?

In the world today we hear many successful individuals purport that positive thinking was the difference in reaching their goals.

In the weight loss world it is getting more and more common to hear how brain training helps people “think” their bodies thin.

Other programs claim that no longer will you have to diet by popping pills or exercising. To be successful all you have to do is “Think” to shed off the weight.

Losing weight takes a combined approach of healthy eating, exercise, and a positive mindset. The number one problem with changing your body shape is that you have to change your thinking.

Anyone who has been on multiple diets can tell you about all of the negative thoughts that overcome their motivational weight loss goals.

Everything you have done in life is stored in your subconscious, which represents 88% of your brainpower. You may have had negative weight loss experiences in your past like, “grandma telling you that you are going to grow up fat because you eat to much”, all the while she is filling up your plate with potatoes and her rich fattening gravy as a sign of how much she loves you…

These types of scenarios represent a form of ‘weight loss sabotage,’ which may just be what’s holding you back from accomplishing your weight loss goals.

brain training for positive thinkingThe advantage of brain training is that it can slow down your mind so you can become more focused and have a heightened awareness about your mental approach to weight loss.

I believe that you have to train your brain to overcome sabotage from yourself and others, create a positive environment in your subconscious mind, and change old, negative behaviors to new productive habits.

Yes, thinking yourself thin is an important step in the right direction, but it is not the panacea for healthy weight loss. Your subconscious mind must be trained repetitively for it to believe that you truly want to change negative beliefs.

Brain training for weight loss should be viewed as the first step to proper nutrition, drinking half your body weight in water each day, getting good a nights sleep, and consistent exercise.

The answer to the question, “Can you think the extra weight off your body?” is yes, you can think yourself into a healthy trim and fit body.

As always, I wish you the best in creating your ideal shape.

David A. Meine C.Ht, PBT



Writer and expert

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