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Why Is Post Workout Nutrition Crucial?

post workout nutritionAs we mentioned in last week’s post, the recovery phase after your workout can be just as important as the workout itself.

Proper recovery can go a long way in helping you avoid injury and unwanted soreness.

Getting on top of your nutrition is one great way that you can jump start the recovery process. So let’s get into it and discuss the importance of post-workout nutrition!

Exercise and Nutrient Loss

During exercise our bodies use essential nutrients much quicker than normal because of the extra stress being placed on your body’s systems.

For example, our bodies use carbohydrates as a primary source of energy during a workout. These carbohydrates are converted into glycogen stores and then stored in our muscles to be used as energy. During exercise these glycogen stores are depleted and thus are in need of restoration.

This happens with a number of nutrients in the body during exercise, further emphasizing the need for proper nutrition. It should also bring post-workout nutrition to a new light, as restoring these stores is important for body maintenance and recovery.

Vitamins and Minerals

Included in the nutrients used during exercise are vitamins and minerals. One mineral in particular is iron, which is important for the formation of oxygen carrying proteins that aid in nutrient delivery during exercise. Iron also plays other important roles in the body as well and can be lost in sweat or other means.

Getting vitamins and minerals back into your body will ensure proper body function after your workout.

Protein to Carbohydrates Ratio

Protein and carbohydrates are both important nutrients to get back into your body as well after your workout. As mentioned above, muscle glycogen stores are depleted during exercise. Consuming carbohydrates after your workout is important in order to restore these muscle glycogen stores.

Protein is also important for rebuilding muscle tissue and thus is important after a workout. We recommend getting about a 1:1 ratio of protein to carbohydrates after working out and for most individuals around 10 grams of each is sufficient.


Nutrient replenishment after your workout is important. Getting these essential nutrients back into your body will help you recover more quickly and fully.

As we have mentioned before, our Ideal Shake is a great way to get these nutrients back in to your body. Each serving contains 11 grams of protein, 11 grams of carbohydrates and an awesome supply of 22 vitamins and minerals.

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