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President’s Day – Get motivated

Happy President’s Day! I love being able to have the day off of work to spend time with family and appreciate American history.

Sometimes, when I get a day off I end up losing a little of my drive to stick to my weight loss goals. I skip my workout and eat whatever I want. I never feel great the next day, which totally ruins my holiday! 

I want to reach my weight loss goal, so I’m turning to past presidents of the United States for some serious motivation today. Check out these awesome motivational quotes and see how inspired you feel.

pres quote 1

I love this quote by Dwight D. Eisenhower! A weight loss journey is all about what you learn during the process. I don’t want to stop eating healthy and working out when I finally reach my goal, I hope to continue trying to better myself and let the journey keep rolling.

pres quote 2

You didn’t put on weight in one week, so you can’t expect the lose all the weight in one week either. A weight loss journey takes time, and it involves walking slowly towards your goal with determination!

pres quote 3

Are you willing to keep going even when it gets tough? Say no to the pizza, the cake, and the soda day after day and you will see progress eventually!

pres quote 4

I don’t know about you, but starting my weight loss journey was so hard. It took a lot of courage to make this lifestyle change, but now that I have made that change I feel great! I know I can keep going, because I’ve already done the hardest part–starting!

pres quote 5

Keep going. Even if you aren’t seeing the progress you want, keep going. Nothing can take the place of persistence! Keep your goal in sight and make it happen.

I’ll stick to my workouts and meal plans while I’m taking the day off of work and school…will you? Let me know what motivates you in the comments!

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