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4 Easy Tricks to Prevent Overeating This Halloween

The number of treats you can eat without realizing what you’ve done is spooky.

Even scarier: the calories and sugar lurking in frosted cupcakes, cookies, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin cream cheese muffins and those little orange taffies with pumpkin faces are enough to turn YOU into a pumpkin!

prevent over eating

Let others buckle under the weight of Halloween temptations this year.

Use my favorite tips to keep your hand out of the candy cauldron this Halloween.

Following are four easy ways to ‘trick’ yourself into indulging smartly, so the few bites you do enjoy will be all the sweeter (science says that’s all you’ll enjoy anyway).


1. Write the goal down

“I will not take the kids’ trick-or-treating candy to ‘ration’ it and secretly eat it all myself.”

Outlining specific goals and writing them down helps to cement the commitment in your subconscious.

Doing it before bed is best, because that’s when your mind is the most relaxed and receptive, and sleeping on it helps your goals solidify.

This is a good way to plan which treats you will enjoy, and define vague goals like ‘eat treats in moderation.’

2. Refuse, repeat

A bowl of assorted purple gummy candy

Say no once and you’ll automatically say it again. (It’s the opposite of that tricky sales tactic, the ‘Yes’ tie down.)

All it takes is one simple treat refusal to set your brain on the right track, and momentum takes over from there.

So, let’s practice. Want some candy?

3. Visualize

Keep your eyes on the prize.

Perhaps you want to get in shape by Christmas or to avoid getting mired by the nasty colds & flues going around.

Making choices while visualizing your goal is an easy way to erase temptations of the moment.

So, depending on whether you’re a glass half full or half empty type person, always have a clear picture of the reward you’ll get for turning down excess desserts, or the misery you’ll endure if you accept.

4. Take control

A bowl of m&m's

Scared you’ll give in, once that army of treats starts marching around the office? Don’t be.

Why take a backseat approach to eating? You’re in control.

Knowing that will give you an inner voice that’s un-temptable, and completely impervious to sabotage.


Commit to it and your new mindset could see you through the holiday season and have you ringing in the New Year without a single resolution needed.

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Need a final push out of the candy aisle?

Take a look at how many calories are in “fun size” candy bars.

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