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The Reality of Finding Your Ideal Shape

the reality of finding your idealshape 2

I.HATE.DIETING. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it, and honestly…I’m DONE dieting!

That hatred probably stems from me constantly trying some kind of new diet that promised to help me drop 100 pounds in 2 days since I was 12! Ok, ok, I’m totally exaggerating. I’ve never tried a diet that promised to help me lose THAT much weight, in that short amount of time. But, I HAVE been dieting since before I hit puberty. Here’s a list of ALL the diets I’ve tried…

– Atkins Diet (a carb lover’s actual nightmare.)
– Weight Watchers (I’m not good at sports, so the whole point system was infuriating!)
– Jenny Craig (No microwave. No eating.)
– HCG Diet (this one is nuts. I lost a TON, but it screwed up my metabolism even MORE!)

I started working for IdealShape over a year ago, and was instantly drawn to their core mission, to transform and improve lives. That’s what I want. Not just for me, but for everyone I care about, and for anyone who settled for just being the shape they were “destined” to be.

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I Didn’t Believe I Could Change.

The problem is that while I was inspired and motivated by other real and incredible IdealShape successful transformation stories, I didn’t accept that I, myself, needed to make any kind of real change, and to be honest…food and exercise has always scared and intimidated me.

Over the last few years I accepted my fate. Born to forever battle my genetics and poor metabolism, or just rebel all together and suffer the consequences…aka stop dieting and just be overweight as a result. But, guess what? I’m DONE giving into that kind of thinking!

mallory before picture

I’ve come to realize that losing weight is a SERIOUS mind game, one in which I’ve consistently come out a loser. (and not the good kind of loser who loses weight, mind you.)

I’m only 5’2”, so once I hit over 200 pounds, I had reached a new level of discomfort and frustration that I couldn’t handle anymore. That’s when I KNEW I needed help. I reached out to Trainer Kami and asked if she could help me, and if she agreed, I would let my story play out on social media in return. #NoPressure

I’m No Expert…But I’m Willing to Learn.

My biggest problem is that I’m not educated. I never really have been. If it tastes good…it’s a winner. I stayed away from the gym because I have no CLUE what I’m doing, so why try? Not the best way to get the results you want, right? So, more than anything I’m wanting to LEARN and keep these healthy habits going for a long time!

The crazy thing is now that I’ve started my journey, I’m not even using anything that wasn’t already available to me, and available to everyone!

Literally, the SAME plan I’m Using is FREE for Everyone

I’m using the meal plans and the workouts from the free 15 Day IdealShape For Life Challenge, I’m also using recipes from the IdealPlan. (Which rule by the way, because if I can eat healthy food that doesn’t taste “healthy,” I’m in!) I’ve been using IdealShape products that I had already purchased on my own. (Mint Chocolate Chip IdealShake is a serious game changer!) But, I had to be ready. I wasn’t ready to make the commitment before and that’s the difference.

Once I found My Why, Everything Fell Into Place.

I want the ability to actually LIVE my life, and not feel trapped in my body. Don’t get me wrong, I love who I am. Please don’t think I wake up every morning hating myself, but I definitely don’t love where I’m at right now. I don’t like that I wake up and stress about what I’m going to wear, and how my jeans are going to cut into my stomach while I’m sitting at my desk all day. That I hate wearing my hair up because my double chin is out for everyone to see. I don’t like that I feel limited in my relationships, romantically and professionally, so I don’t always go after what I want. Why do I limit myself? I think it’s because sometimes I think I’m not worthy enough to deserve more. I’m done thinking that way.

I want everyone to be done thinking that. Our worth is not defined by a number on a scale. It’s defined by how we treat others, and more importantly ourselves. I love myself, and that’s why I want to lose weight; I love my body enough that I WANT to take care of it.

I’m still in the beginning stages of my journey. I realize that I have a LONG way to go still. But, I realize that this is NOT a diet. (HALLELUJAH!) It’s a lifestyle.

kami and mallory working out

I’m adopting healthy habits that I’ll use for the rest of my life. I hate that I’m going to have to pay attention to every little thing I eat, or how much physical activity I’m doing, but I’m ready now more than ever to put in that time!

Now that my whole journey is out there for everyone to see, I realize I’m not doing this just for me now. I’m doing it to show everyone the real struggle that comes with weight loss. I know it’s not something that happens overnight, and I’m not giving myself a time limit, because that’s unrealistic. To set myself up for success, I know I have to adopt these healthy habits and NEVER have a deadline!

I Hope You’ll Join Me in my Journey, and Be Kind.

I’m a health & fitness newbie, and I’m making mistakes as I go. But, I hope I help you realize that you are worth the time and care it takes to be healthy. Love your body, treat it right! Let’s rock this journey together!

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Mallory Jesperson

Mallory Jesperson

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