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Reasons to Eat Protein

meatProtein is responsible for repairing, growing, and building just about everything in the human body. Our bodies depend on the protein we eat to perform its proper functions.

The benefits of consuming the right amount of protein can extend your life and improve your health. For example, my 75 year old grandma was told that her bone density levels were getting low and that she was headed towards Osteoporosis. She is very active and since slowing down wasn’t an option, she began eating a high protein diet, exercising more regularly, and incorporating more calcium into her diet. You see, while calcium is an important part of bone density, activity and protein are almost equally important to staving off Osteoporosis. Last month she went to her doctors visit and when it came time to measure her bone density, the doctor came back very impressed. Not only was she no longer at risk of Osteoporosis, she had some of the healthiest levels he had ever seen for a woman her age.

Protein is essential to nearly every cell of your body and aside from water, it is the most abundant molecule in the human body. Eating protein should be central to your nutrition plan because it’s not just about the benefits of protein in your diet. It’s also about how detrimental a protein deficiency can be on your body.

Protien deficiency can cause a loss of muscle mass, digestion issues, rashes and swelling. In children, not eating enough protein causes developmental delays. The mental effects include fatigue, lethargy, and irritability.

Protein serves as a fuel source, it is essential to your metabolism because it boosts muscle growth and formation. If you want to boost your Base Metabolic Rate (BMR), you need to increase your lean muscle mass. It is also a major part of healthy skin and hair.

Lack of protein also can disrupt your immune system function. Those who have a protein deficiency often get sick much more often.

So do yourself a favor and supplement your diet with the proper amount of protein. Your future self will thank you

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