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Redefine Your Weight Loss Program

weight lossNo, this isn’t another post about straightening out the details of your program. We’re talking about the literal definition of weight loss. What does it mean to you?

Words are pretty powerful. In the English language, we choose words carefully because we know that the underlying message can pack a stronger punch than the literal one. For example, the word “uninformed” has a harmless connotation, while its synonym “ignorant” paints a very negative picture. When choosing which word to use, we tread lightly.

Yet sometimes words control our perception even when we don’t realize it. It has recently come to our attention that “weight loss” is kind of a funny pair of words. This phrase has the potential to send out a few mixed messages.

For some, the word “loss” can give a negative impression. We don’t like losing things. And by saying that we have “lost” weight, it could mean the reduction is fleeting (will we find it again?) or accidental (haven’t we worked hard to banish that weight?).

The word “weight” might not be so appropriate, either. When you commit to eating healthy and exercising, is your primary goal to lose weight? Or is it to become healthier by reducing excess body fat and increasing lean muscle? Muscle weighs more than fat, so in reality you might gain weight, right?

Does talking about a “weight loss” program cause you to overlook body measurements and body fat percentage, as you put all your focus on the scale’s numbers? When it comes to defining your program, skip the buzzwords and choose a term that really reflects your goals. This will help you stay on course and focus on the right components. Maybe you’re really on a “health” or “fitness” mission. Play around with different terms until something rings true for you.

If your weight loss program just doesn’t feel as dynamic as it could, it’s time to redefine it! What’s your power phrase?

Are your weight loss goals realistic? Find out.



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