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02B00489We’ve talked before about the stresses in life and how they can have a large impact on our health, even a little on how to combat those stresses, but a new study shows that de-stressing might not just be good for you, but for your children as well.

When you’re stressed, it seems to flow into every other aspect of your life. Many of us try to maintain a balance between our work, family, and personal lives but it seems even if you’re a great compartmentalizer, your own stress could lead to several negative health factors to your children.

The study by pediatric researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia shows that when parents perceive themselves to be stressed, their children eat fast food more often and have reduced physical activity.

It makes sense when you think about it.

I know when I’m stressed I’m much less willing to be active and always looking for the easy way out. When I get home from a stressful day, I’m much more likely to head home, turn on the TV, order a pizza and just try to forget about the world and its troubles.

As a parent, those same actions can have a negative effect on not only yourself, but seems to set an example to those you care about most. Cooking for the whole family just doesn’t seem worth the effort and most kids are all-too-willing to veg out on the couch next to you if you give them the chance.

The study team suggested that interventions aimed at reducing parental stress and teaching coping skills may assist public health campaigns in addressing childhood obesity.

Do you have a relaxation routine to help you reduce stress? You probably should, and if not, you can check out our Brain Training CDs which all have some awesome stress-busting exercises to help you get into the proper frame of mind.

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