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Resistance Bands: Deceptively Simple Exercise Equipment

resistance bandsI can get full body toning, improved range of motion and infinite options—from a rubber band?

If you don’t have resistance bands, you’ve probably been curious about them. You’ve seen them at the gym and friends’ houses and wondered, What could I possibly do with a bunch of stretchy tubes?

Sure, they’re cheap, compact and convenient. But are resistance bands too simple to be effective? After all, you aren’t lifting any weight. It’s just you and a giant rubber band…

Don’t be fooled.

Though a resistance band only weighs a few ounces, you are in fact dealing with weight—by creating resistance. You can create up to 30 lbs. of resistance with a band (more if you double up with multiple bands).

Options Galore

Resistance bands come in many shapes and sizes: you can get loops, straight bands, even long bands with handles. We choose long tubes with handles because they provide the most options. They can be used as straight bands, as well as looped or tethered to a post for additional key movements such as leg lifts.

You can also choose your resistance level, and it’s good to start with a few bands in varying levels of stretchiness. Note: the harder it is to stretch the band, the more resistance you’re getting.

Strength Training with Resistance Bands

Resistance bands can be used to create upper body, lower body and core strength. Because muscle facilitates efficient fat burn, even those trying to shed a few pounds before getting into strength training should start here.

Resistance band exercises can target the arms, shoulders, back, chest, hips or legs. The leg lift is perhaps one of the best exercises to with the bands: performing inner and outer leg lifts with resistance will tone the legs, glutes, and one of the toughest places for women to target—the thighs.

Stretching with Resistance Bands

Using a band can help improve your strength and range of motion in ways that weights can’t. It can also give you a better stretch by giving you more control and support—with a leg circle, for example—allowing you to take your stretch further.

If you’re a beginner, using resistance bands is a good way to ease into strength training. Strengthen and limber up your body before you start lifting weights, and when you’re ready to lift heavier, you’ll see better results with less chance of injury.

Resistance bands pack a powerful workout. No gym required. Read more about the benefits or purchase a set of resistance bands now.

Chelsea Ratcliff

Chelsea Ratcliff

Writer and expert

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