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Is Your Weight Loss Healthy?

“Fast Rapid Weight Loss NOW”

“How to Drop 20 Pounds in 1 Week!”

“How to Drop 10 Pounds in 1 Day!”

I see crazy headlines like these all the time.

These types of phony promises and false claims set you up to fail from the get-go. There’s no way to win when you’re expectations are impossible to meet. Even if it was possible, that kind of weight loss that fast just isn’t healthy!

No wonder I have clients that tell me they’re “disappointed” when they only lose a few pounds in a week; weight loss expectations have been totally skewed!

I’ve helped clients lose weight and achieve their goals in a HEALTHY way for 10 years. Having realistic expectations is key to lasting and sustainable weight loss.

So what’s should you expect as far as weight loss goes? Let’s dive in!

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What Really Makes for Safe and Healthy Weight Loss?

I absolutely love this quote that my friend Trainer Lindsey posted the other day. Remember that progress is progress. Losing weight takes time, so you’ll need to be patient!

So… what is healthy weight loss?

Healthy weight loss ranges from one to three pounds a week. Some weeks you might lose more some weeks you might lose less. Weight fluctuation is totally normal, so avoid comparing one week to another.

Losing weight isn’t just about “looking hot.” It’s about treating your body well and getting fit and healthy. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re losing weight the proper and safe way. No amount of pounds lost is worth ruining your metabolism or doing damage to your heart, kidneys, or muscles.

You’ve probably heard of yo-yo dieting before: You lose weight only to regain it and then lose again and on and on and on in a vicious cycle. You get the picture.

This kind of “weight loss” is not only frustrating, it’s downright unhealthy. Like I mentioned before, it can damage your heart and other organs!

Here are some keys to achieving healthy weight loss:

Set Healthy and Realistic Expectations

woman in black bikini before and after weight loss

Goals like losing 20 pounds in a week aren’t healthy or realistic. But I also know that it can be really difficult to get over that way of thinking.

Even when you know what healthy weight loss is, it’s easy to feel impatient when you all you really want is to achieve your ideal NOW (or maybe yesterday, haha). But to really see long-term results it’s important to not only change your habits but change your brain too.

When setting goals be realistic with how much weight you want to lose in a certain amount of time. And remember that not all goals have to relate to the number on a scale.

Some weeks you do everything right but you might not drop a pound and that’s normal. The next week you might lose three. Like I said before this type of fluctuation is normal. You can’t control it.

What you can control are your habits. So focus your attention there instead if you’re having a hard time getting over your need for “fast” results.

Setting goals like eating three full servings of veggies a day, exercising a couple times a week, or cutting out soda are great because you have complete control of achieving them and they support your main goal of weight loss.

Find a Diet That’s Sustainable

When you’re considering a diet or weight loss program, make sure that it’s sustainable. How likely are you to only eat cabbage soup for the rest of your life? Can you really write off carbs forever? Yeah, not gonna happen.

A simple solution that I recommend to my clients is meal replacement shakes. You can replace two meals a day to see amazing weight loss results. And when you get to your goal weight, you can do just 1 shake to help maintain.

A meal replacement shake like IdealShake is perfect. Because it contains a hunger-blocker, you’ll be able to change your appetite and create healthy habits along the way that will also support you in your weight maintenance.

Check out Kelly! She lost almost 200 pounds with IdealShake and has maintained her weight loss for more than two years.

Get Active

Rarely does safe weight loss mean losing a lot of weight very quickly. If you lose weight too quickly you’re probably losing water weight and muscle mass.

When losing weight, the goal is to only shed fat. You actually want to maintain your lean muscle! The reason muscle is so precious is because not only is muscle more slimming and lean, but it also burns more calories than fat does.

If you’re losing a lot of muscle your metabolism will slow down, making it even more difficult for you to continue your weight loss because you’ll be burning way fewer calories.

Exercising — especially weight lifting — will help you to maintain that lean muscle and help you stay healthy and fit through the weight loss journey.

Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

Jade Roper making a weight loss smoothie

One reason that many people put weight back on is that they fail to realize that safe weight loss means addressing your overall eating habits.

You’ll want to make sure that you’re eating enough fruits and veggies and nourishing your body with vitamins and minerals. A multivitamin is a convenient solution but it’s even better when you can get these nutrients from the foods you eat.

Smoothies are a great way that I’ve found to squeeze in extra servings of fruits and veggies. It’s a fast and delicious way to get all the filling fiber along with the vitamins and minerals in a quick and simple way.

To make your smoothie a complete meal I recommend adding IdealShake. It’s low-calorie plus it has 11g of whey protein to help feed your muscles and to keep you full.

My three little boys are all picky eaters and even they love smoothies, they don’t even realize that they’re getting a full serving of vegetables 😉

The Healthy Weight Loss Wrap Up

Healthy weight loss means addressing your eating habits and your level of physical activity so that you can maintain weight on your own.

This may mean different things for different people. Some enjoy safe weight loss when they follow a specific eating plan that dictates their meals completely.

Others need more freedom to choose their own options and simply need to make sure the majority of what they eat is healthy and that eating unhealthy foods is a rarity. They can achieve safe weight loss when they learn this balance.

This also means avoiding crash diets or extreme eating plans. You can’t achieve safe weight loss if you don’t get enough calories every day and aren’t eating enough protein or things like fruits and vegetables.

While you might see fast results on a crash diet, they’re probably not safe and they definitely won’t be permanent.

If you’re not sure where to start, give IdealShake a try. It’s a great way to jumpstart your weight loss because it takes out a lot of the guesswork. With IdealShake you can lose weight in a healthy way because it has the hunger-blocker to keep you full plus all the protein, carbs, and fat you need for a balanced meal.

With IdealShake weight loss can be healthy, simple, and delicious.

Kami Price

Kami Price

Head Trainer & Nutritionist

Kami Price is the Head Trainer for IdealShape. She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, a Pn.1 Certified Nutrition Coach, and Certified Yoga Instructor. Kami has been in the fitness world for over 10 years and prior to joining IdealShape owned one of the biggest private gyms in Utah.

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