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Caroline Rocked the Challenge – Check This Out!


When Caroline Williams found the IdealShape Up Challenge on Facebook, she was READY to make a change.

The 25-year-old mother of two had grown up with scoliosis and a joint disease, and at one point her doctor warned her that if she didn’t keep her health in order, she could end up in a wheelchair. Things were going OK… until baby number two.

“After I had my son, who is almost three, I ended up having to be life-flighted,” she says. “I was on bed rest, gained a lot of weight, and I started to see myself sinking and getting depressed.”

Increasingly, Caroline’s answer to her kids’ request to go to the park was: “we’ll do that tomorrow.”

But she didn’t want to be the mom who doesn’t have the energy to play with her kids. When she saw the Shape Up Challenge, our free 12-week exercise and nutrition program with Lindsey Mathews, she knew it was a chance to get back on track.

On January 1, 2015, Caroline joined the Challenge, started doing the workouts every day, and took a closer look at her food choices. “When I first started it was really hard for me to eat right because my kids were wanting to eat chicken nuggets and go to McDonald’s,” she says.

She stuck to her guns, though, because she wanted to set a good example. She started having an IdealShake smoothie for breakfast and lunch (her favorite combos: Chocolate IdealShake with peanut butter and a banana, or fresh raspberries).

Before heading to work as a pre-kindergarten teacher’s assistant, she packed her lunchbox with healthier snacks, including IdealBars. “I have one in the morning or right before my afternoon class comes in. It helps me with curbing appetite so I’m not wanting to snack,” she says.

The kids noticed and began to make healthier choices, too. Her five-year-old daughter has even asked to trade a treat for carrot sticks! (Yes!)

“If you do just keep on going down the same path of not eating good, your life is literally going to slowly dwindle away and you’re not even realizing it,” Caroline says. “The Shape Up Challenge has given me my life back and has helped me become a better and healthier mom.”

“I started at 209, now weigh 174, my all time goal is to weigh 160,” she adds. 

After completing not one but TWO rounds of the Challenge, Caroline has lost 35 pounds and counting, and she looks amazing! Congratulations to our newest Challenge winner!!



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