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Shape Up Challenge Winners!

In July 2013, our first 12-Week Shape Up Challenge Contest came to an end. We wanted to take a moment to revisit this awesome experience!

Seeing so many people make amazing progress with their weight loss efforts was truly motivational.

That goes for everyone out there working toward making meaningful and lasting changes!

Whether you’re just starting out, or getting near to the finished product with your transformation, living a healthier life is a goal we can all strive toward.

We received so many great submissions, it was incredibly difficult to pick a winner, and we were so grateful to everyone who entered!

An Inspiring Story

Our 1st place winner was Brianna Brigidi.

A woman's before and after weight loss transformation

Here’s her story in her own words:

The Shape Up Challenge was unique because unlike ANY online challenge I encountered, I actually got EMAILS and feedback on Facebook.

Advice that was sincere and not from a computer. THAT motivated me. If YOU all cared and were invested, well I needed to commit.

After completing the Shape Up Challenge I am proud to say, I feel ACCOMPLISHED. In the 12 weeks I lost 20 pounds, but most importantly, developed some life-changing habits.

I made a 90-day countdown and kept it in my kitchen, to remind myself not to eat junk and remain focused.

I kept a log of my workouts and what I ate.

Each week I looked forward to the Ideal Shape Nutrition and Workout.

The nutrition advice was on point! I felt like I was sitting down one on one with my own personal nutritionist. I use (and enjoy) protein powder on a daily basis!

I knew if I wanted the reward, I would need to make sacrifices.

At times I felt like a boxer training for a fight. Essentially I was. That fight was to get my life back.

In return, I am getting a better one than I expected.

The first 30 days were a transition. I replaced candy bars with protein bars and forced myself to pack my gym bag every night.

Workouts at 5:30 am. I took an early morning Spin class on SATURDAY to keep me from going out late on Friday. I asked for accountability, and I got it.

I started cooking my meals and learned you CAN eat great stuff! I cut back on processed foods. By day 60, I no longer craved pizza.

At this point, people were noticing my weight loss. THAT kept me going.

I didn’t miss alcohol. There were nights I would go to the gym after work just because I didn’t trust myself. I didn’t starve. This was not a crash diet, but a lifestyle makeover.

I went to bed early so I could wake up early. Little did I know, I was creating healthy habits.

I am confident for the first time in my life because I accomplished a goal I set my mind to.

On bad days, instead of eating cake, I went for a walk.

I kept clothes in my closet I never thought would fit me again. By the end of 90 days, most of them were too big.

I won’t lie. I made sacrifices.

I weigh 140 lbs. Three years ago I was at my heaviest, 228. Last Summer I was 210 and prior to this challenge I was at a plateau of 160.

I kept my eye on the prize and used the routines and advice Ideal Shape gave me to transform my life.

Today, I am stronger, sober, and oh yeah, I am a runner now too! My “AFTER” pic is from a 5K race I did (and ran WELL).

SO thankful for this opportunity!

The Runners Up

For this challenge, we also chose a second and third place winner. They are Kelli Herbert and Natalie Bryn!

These two also had amazing stories and are well on their way to achieving their ideal shapes!

Are you ready to start your own transformation? Join the Shape Up Challenge today! Click the banner below to learn more 😁

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