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At 57, Jeffrey Turned His Life Around!


When Jeffrey lost his long-time job as a bank executive at 57 years old, he planned on taking some time off to recharge his batteries and prepare for the next phase of his life.

“That was the plan at least,” he says. “In reality, I was spending most of my time puttering around the house and watching television.”

As this sedentary lifestyle caught up with him, he discovered that he had gained weight and was now smoking close to a pack of cigarettes a day.

Now unable to climb stairs without needing to catch his breath at the top, Jeff knew he was in bad shape. Several surgeries only made his lack of motivation worse.

“A far cry from my college days where I earned seven varsity letters and weighed 50 pounds less,” he says. “In all honesty, I was a mess – physically and spiritually.”

Ready to get his life back, Jeff took action in February of this year, using his time off work to make health his job for a while. The journey started with joining a health club, where they had a three-month program and a myriad of free exercise classes. Often the only male in the class, “I learned to check my ego at the door,” he says.

On top of classes, Jeff hit the treadmill and started walking at the highest incline. Eventually this turned into running, and he got back into playing basketball and riding his bike.

“For me, it was just getting out of here and going to the health club,” Jeff says. Leaving the house and going to the gym put him in the right mindset every day. Incredibly, he’s only missed two gym days in three months (that’s on top of regular basketball and cycling)!

Nutrition Makeover

After joining the gym, Jeff gave his diet an overhaul. “I made a commitment to do everything I could do,” he says. That included starting to eat breakfast every day, even though he’s never been a consistent breakfast eater.

Using a shake made breakfast easier for Jeff. He bought a three-month supply of IdealShake and started following the three-month IdealPlan nutrition guide, which is based on having five meals a day.

“I gained more insight on the value of nutrition from reading emails from Lindsey Mathews, and I implemented changes to my eating habits that I knew would be essential to combating my issues,” he says. “Now I eat three meals and two snacks, including the breakfast shake in the morning, which I add a few things to.”

Jeff’s Secrets to Success

At the end of the three-month challenge, Jeff had almost reached his goal of losing 50 pounds (40 and counting!) so he decided to keep going with another 90-day supply of IdealShake and his fitness regimen.

“For me it’s not going to be about how much I lose, but how much I don’t put back on,” he says

It also helps that his nutrition plan is one he can do with Connie, his wife of 30 years. Previous diets he had tried (low calorie, high protein, etc.) made it hard for them to eat together; she was already at her ideal shape and didn’t want to follow an unusual or restrictive meal plan. “But she stayed on board the whole time with this one,” he says.

Jeff’s three-month gym commitment turned out to be complement his three-month goal on the IdealPlan. “It was nice that the things Lindsey was saying really tied in with what the people were saying at the health club,” he says. “A lot of times you hear contradictory stuff.”

Round Two!

To lose 40 pounds in three months, you have to be dedicated, and Jeff was! His body fat percentage has also dropped from an initial 37% to 26% currently.

“My results have been very encouraging,” he says. “My improvements gave me the gumption to quit smoking cold turkey around week six.” These days he’s also running a few 5K’s on the treadmill a week!

“While I am short of my initial goals, I am looking at a longer time frame than my initial three months,” Jeff says. “I’m looking at this as a challenge for life.”

Clearly, Jeff will crush those last ten pounds in no time. Consider us inspired!!

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