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How This Bride-to-Be Lost 30 Lbs, Just in Time!

nicole-starlingNicole Starling wasn’t a fan of breakfast. The 32-year-old North Carolina teacher used to get “stage fright” before class, so she usually just skipped the morning meal.

It could have been this bad breakfast habit that caused her to put on weight. Or maybe it was the slowing metabolism that comes with adulthood. Whatever the reason, after she turned 30, Nicole found the pounds creeping on.

In fact, following her birthday, Nicole went from a size 8 jeans to size 12 in six months, and from 130 to 175 pounds.

Then one day, a few months before her wedding, she got the wake-up call that is every bride’s nightmare: she could no longer fit in the dress.

“I got engaged and bought my wedding dress (size 6) in July 2013,” Nicole told us. “By fitting time in January 2014, I couldn’t get it zipped or even close to zipping.”

With the wedding date set for April 12, Nicole had three months to get back in shape. Here’s how our June Ship Shape Winner conquered her goal!

I couldn’t believe this happened.”

“I had that week of crying,” Nicole said. For a few days, she felt so bad about herself that she stopped being able to focus at work.

But the “pity party” didn’t last long. “I gotta do something other than complain and cheat myself through it with Slim-Fast,” she told herself. That’s when she set a goal to get back to her ideal shape.

Nicole started with her eating habits. In addition to skipping breakfast, “I was snacking on unhealthy foods, and then having a huge dinner,” she confessed. So, on top of cutting junk foods and eating cleaner, she looked to an IdealShake  to set up her day for healthier habits. She had tried Slim-Fast before but didn’t see the results she wanted; in her own words, it was a “quick fix that doesn’t actually fix anything.”

Not everyone has a big appetite in the mornings, and the shake made for a light-but-energizing breakfast Nicole could have before heading into the classroom. “It was a miracle to get my energy and my metabolism going—so the shake was great for that, and then I started using it for lunch too.”

I never had to try to be in shape or healthy before.”

Nicole was honest: she doesn’t really like working out. “I never had to try to be in shape or healthy before, it’s always just happened,” she said. But she knew that in order to lose the excess weight and be healthy, exercise was a must.

“I can’t do the dancing—I had to find another avenue,” she said. “I can’t do that hardcore stuff [either]. I’m not coordinated.”

Instead, Nicole says she “started simple jogging with fiancé, lunges and squats.” It turned out, that was sufficient to reach her goals. And you can’t go wrong with having a workout buddy for extra motivation!

I just want to maintain my results now.”

By April 2014, Nicole had reached her ideal shape. Although she originally set a goal to lose 40 pounds, she discovered that she felt great after shedding just 30. “I realized I didn’t need the other 10,” she said.

In fact, she’d even had her wedding dress “let out” a little, but didn’t need the extra room in the end: “I was pulling it up all day long,” she said. “I should’ve just trusted that I could do it!”

After reaching her ideal shape, Nicole switched from two IdealShakes a day to one, for either breakfast or lunch. Her favorite variation? The “Twist”: half a scoop of chocolate and half a scoop of vanilla. Although she used a mix of skim milk and water, many IdealShape customers like almond or soy milk or an IdealShake smoothie—as long as it fits with your calorie plan, you’ll still see awesome results!

One year later, Nicole has kept the weight off, and looks and feels great. She’s proof that a few good habits go a long way!

Nicole used meal replacement shakes to help her find her ideal shape. We think they could help you as well 🙂

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