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Slay the Scale: 7 Non-Scale Victories

Stepping on the scale.

We all dread it, yet we all do it. Of course, we’ve been told over and over that muscle weighs more than fat, but it’s so easy to get laser focused on that number and not notice all of the other victories happening right in front of us! Stressing about that number can actually make it MORE difficult to lose the weight due to increased cortisol levels. Plus, you stress out about so many other things in life–let’s not let the number on the scale be one of them.

As a personal trainer, I have trained a lot of women who get stuck on the scale. I’ve seen how hard it can be to work your tail end off and still not see a change in the numbers. Sometimes this can be because the workouts just aren’t effective enough, or that the diet needs some serious tweaking (because it is too strict!). It can even just be a result of the body getting used to the changes being made!

I’m here to remind you that your health is more than just a number!

There are lots of things happening to your body during your weight loss journey that you should definitely celebrate. So let’s figure out what we SHOULD focus on that will make us feel awesome, beautiful, and super strong.

Lower blood pressure

High blood pressure puts a lot of strain on your heart. Lowering your blood pressure can help decrease all kinds of heart problems such as coronary artery disease, heart failure, heart attack, damaged arteries, and angina. Getting regular physical activity can lower your blood pressure. I don’t know about you, but I call that a win!

Better sleep

woman sleeping soundly in bed

While getting proper sleep can aid in weight loss, it also works the other way. Losing weight can actually help you get better sleep. Sleep is often difficult due to sleep apnea, insomnia, and daytime fatigue, all of which can be improved with weight loss, abdominal weight loss in particular.

Plus, being well-rested can make you happier, lower your stress levels, and help you get on a schedule you can maintain.

Clear Skin

Losing weight includes working out, but it’s also largely affected by your nutrition. By controlling what you put into your body, making sure that it’s healthy and helpful, you could start to see your skin clear up. Foods like cow’s milk, sugar, processed junk food, and greasy fast food cause inflammation and blood sugar spikes.

High-glycemic foods, like white bread, potato chips, cookies, and cakes are foods that break down faster in your body, so they make your blood sugar levels go crazy. Avoiding these spikes in blood sugar and inflammation can help stop the acne process in its tracks.



Healthy people smile more–have you noticed? One sure way to see progress is to assess your confidence levels. Are you feeling a little cuter when you get dressed in the morning? Are you feeling a little, dare I say, sexy?! Strut your stuff, girl!

Clothes fit better

Is there a more uncomfortable feeling than having your jeans cut into your waist because they’re too tight?? It makes sense that the best feeling ever would be sliding into those jeans you were once worried about buttoning and having no problems. No matter how far along you are on your weight loss journey, looking good in the clothes you have means you’ve progressed.

Brandi W. did Trainer Kami’s 15-Day IdealShape for Life program and said, “I started getting frustrated because I wasn’t seeing the scale move as fast as I wanted it to. I tried on my work clothes and literally nothing fit. I had to clip the excess material in the back because it was so big. This has become a lifestyle change for my family and I’m so happy!”

Let your clothes be your scale and watch as the inches fall off! One of the bittersweet things about weight loss is none of your clothes fitting…so you get to stock a whole new wardrobe. Fun!

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More energy

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Um, hello!! If you used to need a nap or a soda or energy drink in the afternoon and you aren’t doing that now you have made some serious progress! Your body is learning what kind of energy it can get from healthy foods and absolutely loving it. Not to mention all of the physical work you can do. If it was once hard to lift 2 pound weights and you’re up to 5 pounds or 8 pounds or even 10 pounds you are on the right track. Don’t quit if the numbers on the scale aren’t showing you what you wanna see.


Unwanted extra weight can bring you down mentally. You can feel limited and hopeless. Here’s the thing: no matter what that scale says, you are not limited and hopeless. You are fierce, taking on a challenging weight loss journey that will change who you are from the inside out. You are strong when you keep going, keep moving forward despite how hard it might be right now. Your mind changes during a weight loss journey because you start to realize all of the things you are truly capable of.

Get off the scale and on your feet!

If you’re feeling stuck and want to make a change, you should definitely try out Trainer Kami’s 15-Day IdealShape for Life Challenge. It only takes 15 days and Trainer Kami walks you through workouts and meal plans that could jump-start your progress. You’ll be busy losing weight while you #GainMore confidence, room in your jeans, and positivity! Try it out and let me know how it goes!

Get out there and SLAY, ladies! I am rooting for you 100%.

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