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Sleep and Weight Loss: Why Effective Sleep Matters for Weight Loss

You may be exercising, following the IdealPlan to a “T” and adopting healthy habits, but still finding yourself discouraged with a lack of progress. The biggest obstacle in finding your ideal shape might just be your mattress.

Sleep and weight loss go hand in hand. In order to effectively lose weight you need to be sleeping effectively. Why is it so critical that we get enough sleep?

While You Were(n’t) Sleeping: Health Consequences of Poor Sleep Habits

Weight Gain: Sleeplessness, like stress, keeps your body in fight-or-flight mode.  According to a New York Times report, when the body and mind don’t get adequate rest, the body increases production of the hormone cortisol.  Cortisol triggers the metabolism to slow down and hoard fat for energy, especially around your belly. It doesn’t help that excess weight, in turn, it contributes to sleep disorders, like sleep apnea.

Weakened Immune System: Beyond disrupting hormones, just a few nights of partial sleep loss can weaken your body’s defenses against the cold and flu, increase heart rate and blood pressure, and increase appetite, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Lack of sleep can also impair glucose tolerance, which can lead to diabetes.

Mental Fatigue: Even a bit of tiredness affects your ability to think clearly. This “foggy” feeling makes reaching your health and fitness goals extremely difficult, as you will find yourself in a poor mood, with low energy and reduced willpower to make healthy choices. In fact, The Mayo Clinic reports that you may crave high-calorie foods even more when you don’t sleep well!

You might even be missing out on your next creative breakthrough: apparently Stephanie Meyers’s idea for Twilight came in a dream, #teamjacob.

Wake Up Feeling Like $60,000 Bucks

New York Times Bestselling-Author Gretchen Rubin describes a study in which researchers found that getting just one extra hour of sleep each night would boost a person’s happiness more than getting a $60,000 raise.

So if a $61,000 raise is in your future, feel free to stop reading now. If not, that extra hour of sleep could be part of your healthy lifestyle before your next payday.

Sleep Better Tonight

Sometimes counting sheep just doesn’t cut it. If you’ve tried all the tricks and still find yourself tossing and turning, it may be time to turn on Deep Sleep. This audio program, created by IdealShape founder David Meine, helps your mind and body to deeply relax, sinking and staying in deeply restorative, healthy sleep for 7-8 hours. Deep Sleep uses clinically established meditation principles that help the brain to form patterns using deep relaxation and focus through hypnotherapy. As David explains in his book “Think,” poor sleep is one of the 10 behaviors that wrecks weight loss and fitness goals—and it’s one of the easiest to correct with hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy has the ability to help with all three ingredients of deep, relaxing sleep:

  1. Getting to sleep faster
  2. Sleeping deeper
  3. Sleeping longer

Kill Two Birds and Sleep Like a Stone

We’re all about simplicity at IdealShape, so we’re here to tell you that there is one simple way to

  1. Speed up your weight loss process
  2. Sleep better

You guessed it. Exercise! Researchers at Northwestern University found that regular exercise helped study participants report better sleep quality, fewer depressive symptoms, more energy during the day and that the extra sleep was helping their bodies to lose the weight.

Sleep and Weight Loss

Good sleep will help you reach your ideal shape. Our resident warrior-goddess Kaytlin “Katniss” Neil, a professional mixed-martial-arts fighter and IdealShape trainer has created a FREE 15-day fitness program that will help you to Fight the Fat and gain the sleep your body needs. This challenge gives you everything you need to see results in just 2 weeks!

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See what real people are saying about the results they saw after completing the Fight the Fat Challenge!

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These workouts will definitely help you sleep at night, and your improved sleep will improve your workouts in return! So that’s like the opposite of a vicious cycle?

Learn more about starting the FREE Fight the Fat Challenge, and sleep better tonight!

Stuart Oldroyd

Stuart Oldroyd

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