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Spot Reduction: Breaking The Myth

One of the biggest questions we get asked is how to lose weight in a certain area. Some want to lose weight in the stomach area or in their arms or just around their thighs. So, we have created this article to address this question and spread the word that spot reduction is a myth!

How Did This Myth Come About?

Now, the statement that spot reduction is a myth can also be a bit misleading. For example, surgical methods can reduce the amount of body fat in a specific area. Also, one study conducted quite some time ago showed that increasing muscle mass in a certain area led to decreased body fat in that area. However, the amount of fat loss was only about 0.02% in the localized area.

Next, some individuals may appear to lose fat in a certain area due to their body shape. For example, someone with a pear body shape may appear to lose weight in their hips and thighs faster than the rest of their body. Additionally, spot reduction may appear to be happening in individuals who store larger amounts of visceral adipose tissue in their central region.

Because of these different cases, the overall myth of spot reduction has become very popular in the past few decades. However, even in the cases of surgery and increased muscle mass in a certain region, the results are not lasting.


Body Fat Redistribution

The problem with surgery and losing 0.02% body fat in a localized area through building muscle is that once the fat is lost, the body will redistribute the body fat so that it is equally distributed once again. This means that if you do lose body fat in an area such as the abdominal region due to surgery, the body will redistribute remaining fat throughout the body to the abdominal area to equal things out.

Because of fat redistribution, surgery and muscle building in localized areas as spot reduction are also busted.

How Can You Actually Lose Body Fat?

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So if doing crunches every day to lose belly fat isn’t the answer, what is? The truth is that you will lose body fat equally in all parts of your body even if it doesn’t appear that you are. If you appear to have lost weight in your midsection and you still have chubby arms, stick with it.

The tried and true way to lose body fat is through a healthy diet and exercise. Because of this we have provided you with a number of tools to take control of each of these aspects. Our IdealShake is an awesome addition to any weight loss program in order to help you take control of your cravings and get the essential nutrients your body needs during weight loss.

Exercise should also be an important part of your weight loss plan and our IdealShape Up Challenge is completely free and offers daily workouts to help you burn calories and improve your overall body composition. You can check it out by clicking on the link below.

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