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Spring Fever

beautiful outdoor landscape in the countryside on a sunny dayToday I walked outside and for the first time in what has seemed like an eternity I didn’t feel the least bit cold. I even walked around in my bare feet! Yes, the snow was still on the ground but I could literally see it melting away. I could also feel the warm sun on my face and hear the bird chirping in the nearby trees. I think it’s safe to say the I have caught the Spring fever. This winter has been an especially long and cold one. Here in Utah we have been hit with snow storm after snow storm and I’m getting pretty sick of it. Winter is still here for another month and knowing the Utah weather we still have plenty of snow storms ahead of us before it actually stays nice but today was just enough to get me excited so I had to post about it!

I am normally a very active person. So after a a pretty sedentary winter I am ready to get out and get moving again. I am going stir crazy staying cooped up in my little apartment all day. So today I sat down and thought of the activities {and their benefits} that I am excited to do when Spring really decides to come. See? Spring fever isn’t such a bad thing.


I pretty uncoordinated so I have never been much of a tennis player but my good friend loves tennis so this spraing I told her I would get out and play with her. Tennis typically burns somewhere between 400 and 600 calories an hour. It also strengthens your arms {from hitting the ball} and your legs {from running back and fourth to hit the ball}. Tennis will help increase your hand eye coordination plus I can only imagine that its a great stress reliever. And on top of all these benefits tennis can’t really be played alone so it allows for some fun bonding time with a friend or a spouse or a boyfriend or girlfriend. Whoever you are playing with you are bound to have a good time and get a great workout at the same time!


This one is for my husband. He actually isn’t a huge golfer either. He will occasionally go with his dad and brother but he is the first to admit that he isn’t very good at it. One of our good couple friends loves to gold together. They go all the time and when they talk about it, it kind of makes my husband jealous because he thinks it would be fun to gold together. So we decided we would try golf this Spring. Admittedly golf doesn’t give you an heart pumping, sweat dripping workout but it does involve a lot of walking, which will increase your your blood circulation which will in turn improve your heart and lungs. Golf also comes with a lot of time in the sun and who doesn’t need a little extra vitamin D? Just remember your sunscreen 🙂


Frisbee can offer you an awesome workout! Just thinking about sprinting around an open field to catch a flying disc makes my heart race. On average you will burn a little over 200 calories per hour playing frisbee. So bring your dog or your best friend with you to the park and enjoy a fun filled afternoon of frisbee, sunshine, and a nice springtime breeze.

joggingJUMP ROPE

I LOVE jumping rope. It is the absolute best workout. Well.. maybe it isn’t the best workout of all time but I sure love it. I love to grab my rope, go out to my driveway and jump for 30 minutes (taking plenty of breaks, of course. 30 minutes of straight jump rope would be enough to kill me). You can burn 2o calories a minute when you jump rope.

Now Spring just needs to get her and stop teasing me so I can get going on these activities. What are your favorite Spring activities that help you stay in shape? What do you do when you get spring fever? I would love to hear what you do so let me know!

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